Tats, how do you feel bout' em?

Ok guys, how do you feel about tattoos? I love em ive got some on my back but never had the nerve to step it up and do my arms. Ive made appointments this Nov. to get my left arm half sleeved. The only thing is, im not sure if it would hurt my business. Ive hired people to do work on my house that have had their whole arms sleeved. But im not sure how other people perceive tats.

I know times have changed and tattoos are not that much of a stigma anymore. But I just want some of your guys input on it. Chris and Alex, do you guys have your employees try to cover up visible tats or do you not hire someone whos got them.

I would like to hear from someone whos got a bunch of them and is still kicking butt.

I think Tats are awesome.
I got a full Half sleeve on my right arm that covers my entire right chest, got part of it in Thailand. I have a tat on my left that’s in visible sight…it’s gonna be a half sleeve too. I refuse to get Tats on my forearms though.
I plan on covering my back and most of my legs.

I haven’t gotten any bad comments or remarks, in fact people are always asking to see them…Tattoos are now mainstream, thank you miami ink TV show :slight_smile:

In Florida where old people match younger people like 100 to1, you’d think there would be a problem with older folks, but they are cool with it.

Go ahead, tat up!

I’ve got plenty, and want more. I’m keeping them where a short sleeve t-shirt will cover them though. Punk around the fam, businessman around the clients!

Hey Big B. Hope you don’t mind that I’'m NOT a GUY!!!
Tattoos on our employees are fine as long as they are not on their faces and are not offensive. If they are religious tattoos we ask that they be covered. The decision to get more tattoos is entirely up to you, but I will tell you this. Getting more will most likely NOT help your business. You just need to figure out exactly what kind of image you are trying to project to your customer and go from there.

thanks guys for the replys, and aintjemama, i figured that it WOULDNT help my business. And i do want to be successful so im thinking about either doing the piece on my ribs and back or getting a half sleeve done and wearing a elbow brace when i work to help cover it up. I used to have a buddy who would cover up his tat w/ an elbow brace when he worked at a high end restaurant.

In some businesses it probably doesn’t matter, but our business is partly image conscience. While some see this as art, many see it as anti-social behavior associated with prison and bikers. I had a guy working for me who had tattoos and I could see that many of my customers had a negative opinion of him because of it. I was constantly assuring them that he was a “good guy.” I will think twice now before hiring another “inked” person.

I would never expose any tats in front of my customers. Miami Ink is not on their viewing schedule.

We live in a very judgemental society, things may be more excepted, but do not fool yourself into thinking all is good. I find those who have tats think that it is ok to show them. Those who don’t have them would cover them.

I like tats, but not on a guy walking through my house with my family. Say what you will, but don’t fool yourself…I’m not alone.

Business is not the place for self expression, unless it is relative to what you are selling.

One of my guys bought a tattoo gun of ebay.
The entire left side of his body from toes to stomach…arm and left side of his body is covered in tattoos that he did himself.

If he came in for a job with this all over him I never would have hired him.

BUT… He did this while he was employed so there is not to much I can do about it. Nor would I want to because he is so good at doing what he does.

Yeah I agree that Miami Ink is not on everyones viewing schedule, but this show was a catalyst for commercials, magazines, ads and other forms of media. So yes most people don’t watch that show like I don’t any more, but when that show started like 3-4 years ago it opened the door to many other things.

We do live in a very judgemental society, but last time I checked I didn’t walk in a business and throw a card at them and walk away leaving them to think whatever. I came in and had a full conversation with them, selling my services and personality. If after that they say “no” because of your tattoos, then I don’t think you sold your service or personality good enough.
Have you ever seen some used car sallsmen? some look like there going to have a baby becuase they’re so big, but they sell the most cars because they sell the product and their personality…you soon forget the pizza stain on his shirt!

Business IS a place for self expression to a degree. I think personality is the biggest key factor mixed in with amazing knowledge of your service. Your personality is the biggest expression of you. Don’t be a robot!

“Business is not the place for self expression”
What!!! Have you ever shot the breeze with a business owner or manger?? Are you ever personable with any of you clients??
Do you ever talk to them about things besides business or work??
Heck, I do all the time.
Now for large accounts I always walk in a dress shirt tucked in and no tie because of image , but when I clean they see my tattoo and don’t care.
In fact I had a business owner the other day ask me where was the best place to get a tattoo…and he was at least 50!

I have a lot of my clients personal numbers because they like me. I’m going to a mud race with the manager/owner of a large tire kingdom in a couple of weeks. Why? because I’m personable with them and be myself.

In business I think you should be yourself…showing character and you personality is expression.

Spoken like the 20-year-old I once was.

In this business, the goal is to sell your services to a wide range of customers (and their customers in some cases.) Think bell curve, not fringes.

Follow some of your own advice:

you’re right

what do you guys think of the elbow brace covering up the tats? Do you think that would fly?

Have you worked with an elbow brace on before. Do you know that it won’t impede on your comfort when working. Honestly, if your having this many doubts, don’t you think that tattooing your arms is something that you maybe shouldn’t do? Why do you have to put tattoos where people are going to see them? I know that if I was going to get tattooed it would be of something very personal and meaningful and would care less if other people ever saw what I chose to put on my body. Really what do you expect to gain from tattooing you arms?

I dont expect to gain anything really, its just something ive wanted to do for a long time. I already have tats, just not visible. I am going to get some family stuff tattooed on me so it is going to be very meaningful. And really besides the business and all i could care less what people think. BUT i do want to be successful at this so i will make a wise decision concerning this. And i have worked w/ an elbow brace quite a bit. I had an injury in Jiu Jitsu sparring, got my elbow popped from an armbar so it really doesnt bother me to wear one all day. Anyways thanks for the responses.

this is not reality… a robot? yeah, no tattoo = robot. If a guy showed up to sell me something with stains on his shirt or a Korn shirt on I would walk away from him… I would not spend an hour trying to find the inner beauty to fall in love with.

We have very few minutes to make an impression and get them to listen to anything we have to say… why put up another barrier.

Personable has NOTHING to do with appearance. Remember, we have only a few minutes of their attention.

But please, all of my competitors listen to the advice given and show your tats and wear your stained old clothes. PLEASE!

While you’re at it, curse a little. That is also self expression. :wink:

as an aside, your car salesman analogy is a little off. We go to them, they do not come to us. We are ready to buy and we do not care much who from. I have dealt with MANY, MANY a-hole car salesman. Both in my business and out looking for a ride.

Chris once threw one of our employees $50 to cover up his HOMEMADE “Thug Life!” tattoo.

He looked like a criminal. Needless to say, he is not with the company anymore.

On another note, I have one tattoo on my back, but I would like more in the future. I wouldn’t do any forearm ink… personally, just me.

Chris and I have a little saying. Neck tattoo = unemployable

haha yeah… I had him change into

Bug Life like the movie