Tax Mileage Question

Hello everyone, I run a gutter cleaning business in Colorado and this is my first year “going legitimate” with registering and taxes and all. I am a one man one truck show.

My question is, how do you calculate Mileage if you don’t have an office. I don’t even have an office at home. My truck is my office. So do I calculate mileage from (My House>Job site 1>Job site 2>Back Home)? Or is it just (Job site 1>Job site 2)? How do you all calculate mileage? TIA.

Yup, from my driveway back to my driveway. But my truck is lettered so technically any mileage that I put on it is a marketing expense. But if you keep track of mileage and the jobs performed that day you should be fine. Mileage is some good money.


From place of origin - i.e your home office. Don’t have one? Make it so and you can claim a percentage of rent or mortgage based on the square footage.

Mileage is from where you start in the day to drive to your job, then drive back home. Mileage to the bank to deposit your checks. Mileage to the store and back to get supplies. Anything business related mileage, log it.


I use Everlance on my phone. Automatically tracks every trip that I take during the day. At the end, I simply categorize each trip as to business or personal. Been super easy to keep up with everything.

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