Tds 274 - 310

Hi the water in my area has TDS up to 310 would i be able to use a Di tank only or should i go for a 4 stage filter system for pure water would only be useing it about 5 hours a week

Hey 176…

I’m Dange welcome to the forum, I live in Seattle area of western Washington USA and our TDS is @ 40.

All I need to use is the single mixed bed DI tank with a Micron filter and a charcoal filter ! I also lived in SoCal which has a high TDS
@ 250 to 300. All I used there was a single mix bed also ! This was before I became acquainted with the RO system !

I’ve gained a lot more info about this sort of stuff here from many members ! @ 5 hours a week you might do just fine with just the 1 tank and micron / charcoal filters.

The Ettore Aquaclean EZ Pure RO/DI seems like pretty good system ! Now if you were going to do way more hours, I think that I just might go with a RO system, the kind that RHG Products promotes here ! I’ve never used an RO system so I’m pretty much uneducated with this but if your doing 40 hour weeks with the WFP, getting the most from a system would be the best SOP…

I know there’s areas with mucho high TDS, I’m glad that I’m blessed here in the Pacific Northwest ! It sounds like you need to reserch this and check out as much as you can on the forum here !

Also calling Shawn Gavin @ RHG products can help with information, also calling Chris or Alex will also provide good info…

Get all your ducks in a row then move down the path that works for you ! Good luck to you 176, and again welcome to the community .

Be safe / Dangerous Dave

At a Tds of 310 you will want a ro/di for sure. You’ll save money in short order.

I agree w/ Micah. That tds is pretty high. I’d suggest an EZ Pure RO/DI to get started fairly economically.

In the long run you will spend much more money making pure water with a DI tank. Look at it this way, it cost around 8 to 10 cents a gallon to produce pure water with a DI system and 3 cents a gallon with a RO system. This is the lowest price and lightest RO system on the market. It has a 4 inch by 40 inch membrane

In my opinion you could get by with a DI system using it only 5 hours a week but your business is going to grow and then you’ll need to upgrade. I say upgrade your decision now. Five hours sounds like about $500 a week. I bet you can afford a RO/DI system. Buy the EZ Pure or HydroTube now and you’ll save the money you would have spent/wasted on a DI system.

Thanks for the replys looks like im getting a 4 stage filter system. i like the look of the aquaclean EZ Pure RO/DI but cant find a suppler here in australia
so iv b looking at the IONIC Quattro unit its a lot like the aquaclean EZ Pure RO/DI If you want to have a look ther web site is Ionic Systems Austrlia Pty Ltd There seems to b no info about them on WCR
If You have one love to here what you think about them
Just whish they would hurry and finnish building the $24 billion desalination plant still 2 years till they fiinsh it but should give us a lot lower TDS and its right next door to me almost
By the way my name is anthony iv been cleaning windows since i was 15, now 34 my dad has been cleaning windows for 40 years now .and had a great uncle who was still cleaning window at 90 he has stoped now that he is 91 time to take life easy for a while


The EZ Pure system is sold via Ettore distributors world wide.

Please send me an email at and I can get you in touch with one.

The Ionic Quatro is kinda pricey!

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Dange here…We’ve never spoken nor had a discourse here, so let me say good to be
able bring up a subject with you.

Say what happen to your EZpure video ? the portable set up you explained while on a table.

I wanted to post that video here so 176 could educate himself visually !

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Here it is.

<iframe title=“YouTube video player” width=“480” height=“390” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

My RHG RO/DI cart gets good use 5 days a week, the cartridges last forever!..well not really, but 2-3 years with 400 tds.

Pushing drinking water systems? I dont get it.

Apparently it gives you local tds readings

And has been linked or talked about on here more then once on different threads.

Very good site to check your TDS readings to understand what you are dealing with in your State. What is TDS & Why it Matters - Pure Tasting Water with ZeroWater Not about sales but helping you understand your local water hardness.
ZERO WATER Drinking Water Filters Home Purification Filtration Water Filter.