TDS Level Update

To everyone who read and replied to my previous post. I tested some RO water I buy at a local watering hole. It tested at 10-11. I asked if this was O.K. or do I need to pass it through a DI filter. Well I cleaned my windows at my home and was amazed at the results. I used a Hudson never pump back-pack and a home made WFP.(Still waiting on my Unger conversion kit) I only cleaned my front windows and they look great. No spotting!!!. I could see very little on the top ledge. The hardest part for me in this deal was having to walk away while the window was still wet. I have 2 accounts I will use this method on in the coming days and will definitely monitor it. Chris Lambrinides replied: It depends what type of water you are using. He is so right. From what I gather this watering hole owner uses well water and pushes it through an RO system. He sells RO and distilled. My tap water measures 397-400 pmm. This area has really hard water. So I will continue to WFP and check for spotting at this level (10-11) If I start to see a problem will more than likely upgrade to a DI tank system. Thanks everyone for your replies and input.

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Check to see if your water guy sells distilled at the same price. If he does, buy that instead. Should get a much lwer tds reading. 1-2 ppm possibly.

better yet, take your tds meter there and ask to test a couple f samples.