Tds Meter Tuesday #4



(US only) Sorry guys!
Good luck!

Thanks to our sponsor HM Digital for this promotion!


Also available for purchase here:

TDS Meters - Water Fed Poles / Water Systems[/LEFT]

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This is brilliant! Gar can’t keep banning people who post about WCR or he will speed up the demise of his own group. Very clever guys.:wink:

WCR Ruining world mail 1 give away at a time.

Ya know Gar actually said to us once " I will stop publicly attacking you once you become a sponsor of my group" Im glad we didnt cave to his extortion attempts.

I wasn’t banned, but because I wasn’t apart of world before I got this reply:

That’s twice in 3 days we had someone sign up and immediately post an ad for WCR.

What - are they offering rewards again for raiding the Window Cleaning Network Forum with ads for WCR?


Gary Mauer - Moderator
Window Cleaning Network
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

What? Would Chris and Alex do anything like that?

There are two levels of ban, I believe:

Total – removed from the email list
Read-only – cannot post, but still receive emails

Congrats John!

Good plug!! You got a TDS Meter coming at you.