TDS METERS !( HAND HELD VS INLINE )There is a difference in PPM

[B][U]Not all TDS meters are the same [/U][/B]!
[B]For all OR any of you - have you tested your TDS meter [/B]?
I tested a total of 12 HM inline TDS meters and 6 HM handheld TDS meters today and found that the handhelds are off significantly.
Some of you may be wondering why i tested both models and i can’t really tell you why i did , But i did.
I did several different tests - constant water flow & setting the probe into a plastic bucket - glass jar - paint can that never had anything in it.
All containers were cleaned out before testing.

Almost want to think the paint can created a interference due to continuity of the metal … I maybe be wrong for assuming that …

The testing took about 2 hours to come to conclusion that the inline TDS meter was more accurate than the handheld units at the constant water flow and the container testing.
Out of the 12 inline tds units 4 were off by 2PPM
The 6 handheld units were all different from 8 PPM - 94 PPM ( not 1 was alike )
Even went as far as testing from my faucet in my kitchen and same results

the constant flow testing i ran the water on on each probe for 2 minutes so i could justify actual readings for each unit.

For some of you that do not have a inline TDS meter and you are using a
handheld … your water could be either better or worse in what your TDS
meter is showing.
Before doing the actual testing i ran the water for 15 minutes then i started
testing !
Our water here in AZ is not the greatest by any means but it is better than other regions.
After all said and done my advice is not to invest in a handheld TDS meter.
By the way … i put brand new batteries in all of them to make sure all were the same condition.
Just wanted to post this to share with others that there water may be better than you think or worse for that case and then some of you that do own a handheld it may be spot on accurate.

Have you tried the calibration fluid that TDS meter companies sell? Costs $5-10 bucks online. I have two duel in lines one is off by a good amount then the hand held I have is closer to the lower rating one. All have not been used much at all just for testing while trying to set up a DIY set up.

No i did not try to recalibrate anything as i was just seeing how accurate the handheld tds meter & inline tds meters were.

What is the right way to calibrate? I’ve put my handheld in a bottle of aquafina and still got a reading, put in the stream from the hose it’s zero.

I’m sore there’s a video for the correct way

Did you clean the electrodes on each device before you started testing?

You can get spot free results with a surprisingly high tds. I use the meter to give me an idea of where I’m at I don’t relly need 100% accuracy

[QUOTE=Pioneer Services;252791]Did you clean the electrodes on each device before you started testing?[/
As far as cleaning them I just used DI water to clean them for every test.
This whole thing was just to see how accurate the tds meters that are used widely in the window cleaning industry.
That is why I used so many than to just use 1 of each from the 2 models that I have.
Should of made a video but I didn’t .