Teach me about Scratch Removal

I want to know how to get into scratch removal.
What are the clients?
What tools do i need?
What is the profit margin?
Do i need training?

Thanks for all the help in advance.

You can purchase a machine like the SRP glass polisher. We carry it HERE

Your potential clients are people with scratched windows (not fab. debris defects)

Like I said, I would recommend the SRP glass polishing system. Also there is the Surface Wizard. (used for the edges of windows and for Plexiglas)

You can charge right under the replacement cost. And most of the time that makes more sense than replacement.

I would 100% recommend training. Without proper training you could cause serious damage and potentially ruin an expensive piece of equipment.

With purchase of the machine you can free training in Minnesota at the factory, here at our shop in New Jersey, or at Bills shop in Boston.
Hope this helps. Feel free to call me today with any questions.

Can you recommend anywhere in the UK for training…?

Scratch removal is lucrative with the right system the same storefront customer you do now maybe your clients if they have been tagged with scratched graffitti on their windows or Acid etched into their windows both can be removed usually less than the cost of replacement. Prop mgrs, bldrs even homeowners are potentially a customer. Some projects run into the 10s of thousands and there are only a handfull of qualified scratch removers in the country let alone your town …do the math Thx GP