Telescoping ladders?

Has anyone used those xtend a climb ladders? Pros and cons?

Nope. Too liable to collapse.

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To get one that is OSHA compliant is more expensive.

They can get the job done but cant just buy the cheapest version

I use one in my little bike trailer because it fits well. However, I agree, you can’t trust those things for serious work. I use it very sparingly. It bends like crazy too.

I’ve got a gorilla ladder, MPX22 I think is the model number. Love that thing. Fits in my Jeep, is light enough to carry all day around a big house, and has positive locking mechanisms to prevent it from collapsing. Also, it is very sturdy and has very little “bend” even when fully extended.

That’s a multi position ladder not telescoping

I was unclear which one the OP was referring to, that being said… I’ve used the ones you’re talking about before, and yes they are very flexible and have some serious pucker factor when you’re all the way at the top.