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I was considering these shoes made by croc for window cleaning in because I’m tired of going through a pair of tennis shoes every month. They get so grimy from all the water that is always splashing around, especially after I power wash (I don’t use rubber boots).

Has anybody tried these? are they comfy?,120

Do you use any harsh chemicals when you pw? If so I’d wear boots instead for the protection.

the only thing w/ crocs…the soles, i think, are easily penetrated. my kids use to wear them, and more than once a stick penetrated the sole of their shoes.
my guys use, i don’t know what they are technically called, but a water shoe. something like you can wear to the beach or pool to protect the soles of your feet, although a little more heavy duty than that. sorry can’t remember the specifics, but hopefully you get the general idea.
we bought theirs at sam’s club.

Sounds like boat shoes.

kinda, but boat shoes around here are the leather uppers…
the top on the shoes i’m talking about have, i think it’s neoprene uppers.

yeah, that is just the advice i was looking for. I have never talked to anybody who wears croc shoes, so its good to know that they have weak soles. that could pose a problem.

and as far as powerwashing goes, I just use a cold water unit with no chemicals

Same here. I wear waterproof rubber (LaCrosse type) boots. They also sell safety toe in the same style.

For WC’ing, I wear sneakers, with shoe covers indoors. When the sneakers become dirty, I wash them. When they become too dirty, I use them for outdoor-only work, such as PW’ing; roof and gutter cleaning; and yard debris collection, pickup, and removal (we have alot of damn oak, pine, redwood, and cedar here.)

For roof and gutter cleaning, I wear sneakers, with convertible Korkers and the appropriate sole (foam for metal roofs; spikes for cedar shake, composite for shingle.)

It doesn’t matter to me what type of shoe I wear when going to the bank to make a deposit.

You can get those over-the-shoe covers, Lacrosse made those I guess.
They’re kinda , but much more comfortable that rubber boots alone.
You slip those over your regular shoes and you have the waterproof protection of the boot and the comfort of tennis shoes.

I was checking out, they have some sweet looking roof strap-ons. I might get those llaczko. How long do those foam soles for the tile roofs last? do they get good grip?

“Good grip” is relative…

The foam last quite a while if you don’t walk on anything abrasive. Most roofs I service are composite shingle. I keep two sets of foam and composite in my bag at all times.

The foam soles are marketed for both tile and metal roof usage.

For concrete tile, I prefer sneakers.

For clay tile, I use either sneakers or the foam soles, dependent upon pitch, weather, level of dirt, etc.

Check out for different kinds of shoes that you may be able to pressure wash in. I would not recommend crocs as they are not a work shoe. Also, IMO I don’t think that adults should be seen in public wearing Crocs.

Unless your a Doctor. For some reason Crocs and scrubs don’t look stupid together.

For pressure washing I highly recommend Bogs boots. When pressure washing I was walking on concrete all the time, sometimes 10 hours a day. The Bogs are super comfortable, unlike the usual 10 dollar rubber boots. Just try a pair on and you’ll want them. Most larger ACE hardware stores carry them for around 50 dollars.

those look pretty sweet!

x-tra tuf boots.
the most comfortable waterproof boots i’ve worn. pricey but worth it.

Good call on those Micah.
Would you suggest 1 or 2 sizes over your actual show size to allow room for a couple of pairs of socks ?

Looks like I found my boots for next winter. Good find Micah!

Yes, if you wear more then 1 pair of socks, you’ll probably want a larger size. The boots do offer a certain amount of insulation, cleaning in the upper 30’s was comfortable with only 1 pair of socks. I never cleaned below that, so I’m not sure just how warm they are. They’re not too bad in the summer time either though.

Just try those boots on and walk in the store a few steps. I was sold on them within the first few steps.

I live on the jersey shore and I can tell you CROCS ar comfortable but, they are not work shoes. They are extremely light and I cant imagine that they are good for climbing.

If you are looking for a sneaker(or tennis shoe depending where your from) try HITEC they have some great shoes that are waterproof. I have a pair of these . In my sparetime I am a sports photographer and I wear these when it rains. great price too $29.00.