Does anyone have any sample tender documents?

There are a few jobs going around my area for tender.

I have never really known whats the best way to approach tendering.

So if anyone has any documents or applications that they have previously used for tendering i would appreciate it.

Whats tendering???

Its like bidding, but to a state body or government.

I suppose effectively it is bidding, however i need a bid document that is aimed at being up to government standards, with an official feel to it.


Tendering or call for bids, can also be referred to as Public Procurement, a way in which Bodies governed by Public Law (such as Local Authorities, schools, hospitals, utilities…) buy what they need for their activities. Tenders are governed by EU as well as the various countries legislation.

Don’t government agencies send out an RFP (request for proposal) or RFQ (request for quote) document that details all portions of the project, including requirements of tenderers?

Couldn’t that provide the basis for your template?

Have you tried www.stateandfederalbids.com they have some info on there not sure if it’s what your looking for though.

Anyone know a good way of getting tenders in the midlands UK?

We have RFP services here where you pay and get access… You might have a service like that?

Ok thanks I will look into it.