Termite guy just got done on my house
1 hour one guy


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Are you going to call and demand they adjust the bill? :rofl:

I guess that depends on whether the guy used Dawn or GG4 on the termites… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


To late for that it’s done :joy:
Terminix wanted 1400.00. I almost signed up with them until a friend said I’m crazy.

To answer your questions though …10-12 plus years ago I would of. Without a second thought.

I’m out doing estimates, so I got that 850 in my mind, An it’s down pouring

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yea we do our own pest control you can legally purchase anything the pros use you just cant sell or sell a service without licensing.

termites are big sellers also because they usually always charge too carry a warranty.

Wow, are we in the wrong business? Haha. I treated my crawlspace with boracare. Goes 2 in into the wood and lasts 25 years. Mold cant grown on it, and anything that eats the wood dies, and once its dry its virtually harmless. 70 per every 200 sq ft. If I ever get out of window cleaning I think I know what I will go into! (I like window cleaning better though)

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yea i want too do it also. here where i live must work for a company for two yrs minimum before applying for a license. would be brutal too work minimum wage or slightly above for two yrs

He could write a book called “$850 an hour.”


he probably only had $150 in expenses

and what’s really crazy is the tech was probably paid only $11-15 an hour.

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you never have to crawl under a house to clean a window :wink:


Sounds lime were in the wrong business.

Right! :joy:

Wait… Mike you mean the termite guy worked in the pouring down rain for an hour and the invoice was only 850 …what was he thinking!


I know right. Had to drop my van off this morning to get racks on it. Went to breakfast with the wife , An I was like this guy is not coming today.
Shit man if I was making 850 ,an hour it would have to be a blizzard to keep me away from that hours worth of work.

Wasn’t home while he was doing it wife called ,An said he is done. I was like Wtf :rofl:. I’m In The wrong business. She says ya you are. Lol, So are you get a pest control licsense .

Whatever everyone needs to make money. Terminix 1400. Has an attitude too. Didn’t want to explain things.

This guy did the right job he put traps all around the perimeter of the house
Lol all one hours worth. Im sure t was an hour an a half though lol. Ya like that half an hour killed him. Can’t stop laughing sorry
Omg where did I go wrong. Dam teenage years … An 20s haaaaaa

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Owner operator

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Did ya ask him if he could do it for 425? :thinking::rofl::rofl:


We’re jealous until we realize his nuts will shrivel like raisins and his lungs glow in the dark from the chemicals. Smoking will likely prolong his life…



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Yes, very true!

I forwarded this thread to my friend who is in pest control, he’s going to start a similar thread on his pest control site about window cleaners making $850/hr. :joy:

I had a local company replace the springs on my garage door (they installed it new about 9 years ago for around $1000, labor included). They charged me $17 in parts and $400 in labor (45 min.). I called them and told them I wouldn’t pay them the $400, but I would pay them on their minimum 2hr labor rate $160. She said the tech made a mistake. Yeah right.

One of my customers paid a locksmith $600+ to change out a $45 deadbolt on her rod iron storm door. I wanted to call him and tell him to quit ripping off senior citizens.

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How much did the termite guy cost you? Last year my bedroom was also getting infested with termites and thus had to contact an exterminator termite pest control NYC in the extermination process. The work done by them was really good and really appreciable with such a low service cost.