Test Video #2...TSP dosage


I’m just trying to get this thing rolling, so I’m just testing how to do things…
Never made videos before so this is my second one. Plus I had to register on You Tube to do this…I hope that don’t cause problems for me. I’m still a computer First Grader so i worry about down loading things and or up loading things.


Please your un-bias opinion on what I’ve done and how I’ve done it ! I’m open to education…


Thanks Dange. Now I want to break out my natural sea sponge. I got it from the boys for a video and am embarrassed to say I haven’t shot it yet!

Now we all know what the inside of Dange’s van looks like. Was that an Unger Ninja I saw in there? How’s that working for you Dangemeister?

Good info, I will have to get a sea sponge and test it out. Of course, I will need to get a pva towel too and test them head to head. Aquadry vs. Sea Sponge. I can see that the sea sponge would be smaller and easier to handle, yet the Aqua dry would seem to be bigger more absorbent and easier to push down into tracks. Just speculation. I need to get empirical like David.

I use measuring spoons to portion out my TSP. I’m fastidious like that. Wouldn’t make a very exciting video - measuring out some powder with a measuring spoon. Just picture Mark Strange from [I]tool talk[/I], I sound like him.

Thanks, Dange. Now we all need to make videos. You’ve just upped the ante.

Where do you get the bucket decals?
Good video.

Thanks Merv…Just starting with making them so we will see how far I can get with them…

The flag I got at a flag store here in Seattle, they’ve closed but I’m sure I can find another place to buy them. i also bought a few MIA/POW decals and have one on the back door of my truck !

Good luck to you Merv/Mr. Wisdom…Be Safe

Dangerous Dave

I like that [COLOR="#8b0000"][SIZE=“3”]Dangemeister[/SIZE][/COLOR] that works…Oh Yeah…I made a thread about the PVA, I’m getting ready to up date it !


You know the ninja squeegee is a freebie…I don’'t care for those clunky kind of tools.I tried it out and I put down and it been unused since ! It didn’t want to cut edges.

Things have to start tight and right for me otherwise it takes a back seat, I’m sort of like a test pilot…I know how to fly the plane to an extreme so once I grab it I know if it is for me !

Now mind you Jess with the He Man Notch it just may kick in, so I’ll give it another shot…

If it does work , I’ll incorporate it into my arsenal, if it don’t work, into the recycle bin it goes or into the yard sale !

Say If your like Mark Strange then your on track…Mark in my estimation has a real ability to make presentation and speaks very well and is very concise ! He should of been a news reporter !


What is TSP? I haven’t found any explanation to it. Never heard it outside of this forum.


I always enjoy reading your posts.

TSP should have a place with all the best window detergents on the market.

I’ve been involved with different aspects of the janitorial business since I was young. We did windows using Soilax (TSP is one of the ingredients for those who don’t know). Sprinkle a little in the water, mix it up with a round brush, feel the slickness and wash and squeegee the window. The round brush had a wooden pole permanently nailed to it. The squeegee was an Ettore 12 or 14 inch with a removable wooden handle. The bucket was round similar to the 3.5 gallon Ettore. Of course, a sea sponge. Never work without a sea sponge.:smiley:

BTW, My experience is limited as a window cleaner since I also did floors and other types of cleaning, but I know a few tricks.:wink: Recently I’m getting back into it and will probably do this into retirement.

[B][SIZE=“3”]That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.[/SIZE][/B]


Is TSP safe for your hands? I was looking at it at Home Cheapo the other day and it seemed fairly knarly. Also, what’s the advantage of using it? I mean, do you clean a lot of windows without scraping or what? I know you’ve talked about it before, But I kinda ignored it because TSP was just one more “soap war” :wink:

Thanks for the video, BTW. You hilarious, Dave.

Josh the benefits users list is grease cutting and slip.

Trisodium phosphate is an alkaline cleaner. Painters use a solution of 4 ounces to 1 gallon of water to prepare painted surfaces. Window cleaning needs less than 1/2 ounce per gallon. mistersqueegee in the previous post listed the pros, grease cutting and slip. I add a little to GG4 for these reasons. I don’t like using dish soap because of the film it leaves. TSP has its cons like metal corrosion and environmental effects when used in large quantities.

Its up to each window cleaner whether to use it or not.


Nice, thanks guys!

Hey Mak-ski…

TSP is a commercial grade cleaner that works great…Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll like it.

2 to 3 table spoons into 2 to 3 gallons of water !

Thanks John I appreciate your response and your invite to hook up as friends…

I think your post above is really good and sounds like you’ve been around for a while !

As you pointed out the sea-sponge is a excellent tool, I agree 100%…Stick to your knowledge that you’ve attain, but always be open to new stuff ! I think by your discourse you have a open mind !

John …The video below shows my thoughts on TSP attacking glass or metal frames.

Hilarious…Well Josh maybe I should sit with Conan on late night EH…

I don’t scrap every window I clean, scrubbing is the primary process and it takes just a little effort !

Soap war no soap war, TSP is “The Tried and the True” and has been used by cleaners for decades so i’ll stick to what work effectively and leaves a gleam… it’s an established commercial grade soap, heck you can wash your clothes with it, take a bath in it, do your dishes with it…

The advantage of using it is that it work as good or better than anything else on the market ! Cuts grease has great slip and is just a great all around cleaner, cheap.


[SIZE=“3”]Let me wrap up this post #14 with really good music…[/SIZE]



TSP is a mild cleaner to me compared to some of the other cleaners I’ve used but I believe everyone should look at the pros and cons of any product they use.That’s why I mentioned medal corrosion even though it’s not really a problem to me as can be seen in your video. I have used it as a wall preparation for painting which is 8 time stronger than a window cleaning solution and had no problems at all.

BTW, Great videos. Do some ladder safety in the future. Ladders are much more dangerous than TSP if not used properly.:smiley:



I couldn’t have described the issues pertaining to TSP better than your points, I think just like you on these points. It is really a mild cleaner if used at the proper amount

Your right about ladder safety I think I’d like to do that at some point when I get better at video productions.So I think safety will be one of the roads to take in doing videos.

My nic-name is Dangerous because of the danger at ladder work and window cleaning as a whole.

Thanks for your positive feed back John. I’m still a GREENIE at making these but I hope to Advance at it in time.

DangerouseDange2u/ Work Safe-SOP

Hey Dange,

Great video. Keep them coming. They look as if you know what you are doing. As good as any on here. For me, videos help me get a real idea of how things work and what do do. I’m new at this and I have no one to show me how to do this job right. The videos are the best way to learn. Sometimes when someone tries to explain a procedure in writing, things get lost in the translation. I’m glad there is a forum like this with all the video instruction one needs and experts like you to make them. Thank you.

p.s. I will try tsp. I have not heard of this before. Also, the sea sponge? Never used one of them either. So much to learn. Why should I use one? Are they better than a scrubber on a t bar? Thank you.

Where can I get this TSP? I couldn’t find it in any cleaning stores. Is there some webstore that sells it?

Interesting video Dange. I wonder how big a part your climate plays in reducing the risk of metal corrosion. simply put outside of the Amazon rain forest the Pacific Northwest gets more rain than most other places on Earth. I’d like to get feedback from areas where there is much less rain and a window cleaner has used TSP for a few years.
As far as your hands are concerned I’m sure you understand that not everyones skin will react the same.
I know TSP was used for years but now we have options that are safer all around.

A sea sponge doesn’t take the place of the scrubber. Well I guess it could but don’t make it hard on yourself. Anyways… A sea sponge is used to soak up your cleaning solution after squeegeeing. It’s one of those old school tools thats nice to have around.

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