Testing the Waters Episode #7 - With Tool Talk Mark

Special Bonus Episode

thanks Mark!

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hey, no problem. it was a joy to do.

Btw, maybe you can change the thread title to “episode 7” to avoid confusion from last episode. :wink:

oops changed! hit the wrong button :wink:

Hey Great job Mark!!!

Hey Mark,
How many double hung windows can you get done with one backpack full of water, 4 gallons?

Hey Mike, I actually haven’t tested it out yet. Double hungs arent hugely popular where I am. I notice that certain parts of the US they are very popular. The largest pane count i got was around 29 individual panes for 4-5 gallons. This was on a house I usually service taditionally once a year.

Most newer homes here are crankout and stationary casements, side to side sliders, picture windows, frenchies and the pesky picture window with 4 sliders down below(mostly on cheaper homes). i probaly see double hung windows once out of every 15 jobs and usually it’s just a handful with a mix of other styles.

So if you had double hungs you could do about 15 of them. correct?

In theory yes. I must admit I haven’t paid too much attention to water conservation as I,m still learning just how much water, scrubbing and rinsing is needed. I can always draw back bit by bit until I find the right amount.

One thing I have noticed from the few DH windows I have done is that the glass seems to be quite hydrophobic. maybe something being transfered from the screen. And also newer dh windows seem to have this problem more than older windows. Strange…

Btw, I think its important to thank John Keiser and his great Waterfed Class video series for helping me, and I’m sure many others, break through the learning curve of pure water cleaning.

[SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#006400]Great video Mark, to bad it’s the last one I’ve really enjoyed the series. [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

Hey Thanks, bud! But don’t worry, other stuff coming down the pike. So hang on to your ticket stub. :wink:

I just checked to see what the house in this latest wfp video was being listed at. Wow, nearly 1.9 million. Hopefully my window cleaning job will contribute to a quick sale.