Text Marketing

My marketing girlfriend has been pushing me to get into text marketing is it worth the cost and time, from what I have read seems a great idea annoyed I didn’t think of it first… LOL

Annoyed is probably a good word. That’s what I am when I received mass texts…much less marketing texts.

Not for me or my business. I’m with Michael, I never respond. They go to my spam and I delete without opening.

The only things I open are the few that I signed up for, like WCR.

Okay sorry guys let me be clear I meant promote it for those who wish to sign up and see the offer, such as text 90210 Windows (or something along those lines) for specials and discounts and that way I can stay in touch with my customers far cheaper than postcards.

Only texts I want are from family and friends. I think you would be better off having them visit your website for offers, or maybe have them sign up for emails. No one will want a weekly, or monthly text for that matter, about offers. Who’s going to want a text about window cleaning while they’re at work, in a meeting, eating, sleeping, etc… Do internet, email, or snail mail so they can deal with it on their own accord.

In short, I feel like its a horrible idea.

I was clearly thinking of email when I responded earlier. But I feel even more adamantly that texts are out of bounds for advertising. No way.

I think that any texting that has to do with marketing is not a good Idea. I have been receiving all kinds of texts. I just delete them. I would just stick with emailing your customers with your specials or promotions along with posting them on your website. If you are looking to text just anyone with your marking not a good idea. However if you are going to use texting to keep in touch with your existing customers give them and any new potential customers the option to receive texts from you. I gave my customers that option and it worked out well because I asked them before hand. Most all said yes and the few that said no just get my mailings. Just my opion. Have a great weekend everyone. :slight_smile:

I think you guys are seriously missing the point of modern day marketing, email is lost on people with the amount of emails these days and half the day will not even be opened. Assume you are running a 1 day special or wish to fill in a missing day due to a cancellation, far better to text your customers giving the first one to respond a nice discount and instantly filling that spot instantly.

People today carry their cell phones with them so receiving specials and discounts on services they have already signed up for on their cell phone maybe once a month is not going to be considered spam like so many emails we all get daily. Text marketing is still fairly new in advertising and something which is going to quickly overtake other forms of old fashioned advertising.

I think sticking door hangers and postcards out there is still a good idea but I bet there is a greater return on text marketing than you think there will be because people on seeing your advertising will typically put aside whatever it is they get in their mail box, a text catches their attention straight away, you only have approximately 3 seconds to do so!

I do actually see the benefit of text marketing and is a social media not a lot of service businesses use yet, not knowing enough about it like me until my girlfriend filled me in on the subject.

I guess if you have permission from the client to send texts occasionally, then it’s fine. I have a couple clients that text me when they are running late or what ever. I am kind of old fashioned and I don’t text much myself. I think that’s my problem with it. It might be the next best marketing idea and I am a day late and a dollar short as usual. I’d be interested to hear how it works for you.

It is a great idea but … [B]How do you feel when you get a call and find out it is a phone solicitor[/B] trying to sell you or tell you you are in a drawing to win a free trip ? These companies have figured out a way to get into sending text messages. I got rid of my home phone strictly because of the calls i would get and now i am getting them sent to me on my phone … Good thing i have the unlimited data plan !!!

i’m not missing the point at all. i despise getting texts from companies. i got two this week and i want to smash the people that sent them to me. i would not sign up for it at all. getting to the customer straight away can annoy people especially when they are doing something. you annoy people, you shoot yourself in the foot.

i’m not lying to you when i say that when i get an ad on my phone i reply and curse them out.

maybe i’m the exception. who knows…

snail mail - i’m cool with it
email - kinda annoying but i can deal with it.
text from someone i dont want to talk to - infuriating

i keep two email accounts, one that i give to important people, one that i give to people and businesses.

I agree with you getnbusy but remember a text from me once or twice a month is going to be received with open arms if they are someone who signed up for them or are already a customer. Besides they should be thinking about their windows, pressure washing and gutter cleaning etc more than once a bloody year anyway so now I have a far cheaper way to reach them than the snail mail.

go for it! let us know how it goes. maybe youre on to something. just dont text me, lol

I think the important thing is that it not be over used. If on the bottom of their invoice you have a check box that says something along the lines of “Want exclusive offers? Receive special discount rates via text when they become available. Whether were filling in a cancellation, or offering a new service, sometimes a good deal pops up and is offered for only a very limited time. Take advantage of these short term offers by listing a text capable number here ____________________. We WILL NOT sell this information nor spam you with offers left and right. This is specifically for our existing customers.”

Then make sure you dont ever text them more than once a month.