Text messages

I have been having a few customers sending me text messages checking availability lately. So, It gave me the idea to send out text message coupons to a hand full of customers who have been holding off as of late. working great . Is anyone else trying any thing like this with texting?

If there were no texting I would make alot more dollars per hour, that I do know.

I text my clients, and they text me, but I’ve never sent a text-coupon.

How could you do that, even?

What I would love would be to lets say… I have a last minute cancellation… And lets say I want to hit a button and have it auto text message everyone in the zip code of the cancellation who we haven’t done work for in say 6 months and say:

[I]" We have a last minute opening, call … to get your windows cleaned today and save $75"[/I]

There is someone on this board who is developing some software that may due that… That would be so cool… especially if it was an API that could just plug into whatever software you currently use.

There are services that do that… I heard in japan cell phones get like a 100 pieces of spam a day by text…thats crazy!

You’ll abuse that feature in no time !!! :smiley:

Way cool…

Sorry…I meant a “coupon” in a text

Maybe not a coupon per say but rather a redemption code.

One way a coupon could be sent would be in the form of picture message. Just take as clear a photo of your coupon as you possibly can and send it. These days most phones accept photos and most plans have unlimited texting.

I just offer a percentage off or free mirrors and fans and put a experation date. getting a nice response, very excited about the usefulness of texting.can send mass amounts at a time

I get dinged a buck every time I text a picture. Not cheap for me.

Coupon code is good. Hadn’t connected that dot.

Cant you make the coupon on a pc then send to the phone then forward as needed?

If it was a pic, this would cost me big bucks to mass broadcast as a pic text

Kevin, depending on your carrier, you could probably add a package for unlimited picture messaging. I would not be surprised if there was a website that was geared towards sending messages to phones too.

I can send a text message from Verizon’s website for free.

I was thinking an all text doc… the coupon could be defined dots or slashes istead of using a pic.


Rough at best but this could work with a little fine tuning.

Looked better b4 submitting post.

I love Verizon. Wish they had it in Canada!

I was in Buffalo last weekend, and saw so many great Verizon deals.

Text message marketing (called Mobile Marketing) is relatively easy. I don’t use it for my window cleaning business but do use it for a non-profit I run. Simply google: mobile marketing and you’ll see all kinds of solutions. I use eztexting.com I have a web form on my website as well as a “Keyword”… people simply text this word to a simple number (mine is 313131) and they’re automatically added to the list. I can send them all a text msg at any time for .05/text/person. Great idea for restaurants… on a slow night they can put out a text saying “2 for 1 tonight” and get an instant response from the clients on their list. So I guess you could do this with window cleaning… for example: “Free Gutter cleaning for any job scheduled this week” (get creative here).