TGIF Friday

I put a bid in for cleaning awnings at a couple of their stores. 10 or 12 feet long 6-8 feet wide. I said I would do them for 32.00 awnings there are 9 of them. they call me up and say they have someone who will do them for $11.00 a awning. If that’s the going price for awning cleaning I not going to bother to add that line of work to my business.


The definition of ‘cleaning’ is different for everybody. Show up with a bucket, a pole and a regular window cleaning washer to get them all wet and sudsy then sure, $11 bucks a pop (provided they are ground level) sounds okay. But proper awning cleaning is worth more. If you’re into doing things proper then you are more than justified walking away from this job.

As important as cleaning them is…“Sealing” them is even more important.To do a thorough job all steps have to be taken.

If you can’t explain that to them so they understand & comprehend then,i’d walk away. Obviously they are looking for the splash & dash deal?

You might have to expand on the chemicals & sealing procedures you use when quoting. Of course if they want cheap - I walk. But at those prices I wouldn’t go near it. Maybe 10x the price you quoted - I’d think about it.

For those awnings, i would charge around $70.00 or $75.00. That is per(1) Awning

For cleaning only, or cleaning and sealing?

Just Cleaning Larry