Thank you Steve Wright with The Customer Factor

Called him to express some interest in features that some of his competitors had and he told me that one of them has been in the works since mid December and will be done end of January. I also gave some input on some other things and he was very impressed with my ideas and made it clear he wants to add those. He stated he will email as soon as they are added! Great when you have a good software and also one that will listen to customers.


Sounds like you should have put this in an email to him.

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I did, that’s why he is going to add them. I am paying a public compliment to him.


Been a CF user for 12 years now. It’s great!


Can I ask what features you requested?

Invoices via text message with credit card payment via text message and quotes via text. To me this is a huge factor, It gets very frustrating when customers are getting half of their stuff via text and half of their stuff via email from me. If someone prefers text now I will never have to email them not a quote or a bill. Basically by adding the text quotes, invoices and payment options. It will make it to where customers that prefer e-mail will get everything via email and customers that prefer text will get everything via text. As opposed to right now they are getting half their stuff through text and half from email or both which is overkill. He is also looking into adding an online portal where customers can view details of there account anytime through out the year. Also adding holidays to the calendar on the app. I told him it makes me look really silly when I am standing in a customer’s kitchen and I go to book their next appointment and they go oh that’s Easter, Because right now you can see holidays on the customer factor calendar on a computer but not on your phone app when you’re out the field.