Thank you

I want to thank everyone with my one and only storefront. Since I only window wash on weekends and only have one storefront I do every two weeks I dont have much time to practice my pole work. But thanks to this website and after viewing several videos I finally had the cofidence to use the pole today, while it did not improve my time it did keep me from having to move that dang ladder from window to window. Once again thanks to all the folks who have posted answers and videos on how to use a pole one store fronts.

it should speed up your store front window cleaning projects with more practice and gaining experience…

Oh ya, since this is my first and only storefront I fell for the owners trick, the last guy only charged me this amount and I would like to keep it close to that. Wanting to land the job I bid $10 dollars over what he use to pay. That was 8 weeks ago, I finally counted his windows again today, I under bid this by about $25 to $30 dollars. I learned my lesson the hard way but learned by reading this forum not let that happen again.