The best ladder ever is my Little Giant with stand offs

yippeeee! i got my LG standoffs in the mail lastweek and tried them
out for the first time today. THEY ROCK!
i believe the standoffs create the most safest environment
for ladder work. As you can see by the pictures that the ladder
is about 2feet from the building which allows me to stand
on the higher rungs safely without losing balance.

the extra surface space up there allow me to hang rags,
clip on screens or anything else to keep my hands free.

The only drawback? its freekin heavy, I had to lug that thing around 4 sides of that house, that is why im looking forward to getting my sectionals shipped out hopefully this week.

one thing is for sure though, I will have both ladders in my van at all times.

on the bottom picture i was easily able to reach the top windows by standing on the second to the last rung, even though the bottom awnings were opened. without the standoffs I would have to extend the ladder to the top of the windows which is more work playing with the ladder.

not sure how the sectionals would have worked on that bottom picture but one thing for sure is that it would not have been as safe as the LG with standoffs.

The Cold War is over.

And we all know who won . It was a little bit if an unfair advantage because the sectional out numbered the LG by 5 to 1

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[MENTION=4830]Dream[/MENTION], I GUARANTEE you’ll edit the title of this thread after you get those sectionals…:cool:

I wouldn’t. I’m a huge fan of the lg’s. Sectionals are useful, but the lg is my go to ladder. :wink:

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Have you seen the two senior citizens in the Little Giant infomercial? Either they are doing Crossfit 6 days a week or are taking some kind of performance enhancing drug, I can barely drag that heavy thing out of my trailer.

I was a huge fan of the “little junkers” as well. Until I got a set of sectionals. Sorry I could not resist

How much did you pay for the stand off?

I saw a deal somewhere I think ebay, Stand offs and levelers as a kit for 79 I may jump on it.

$40 on amazon w/ free shipping. I bought the leveler originally with the ladder and never used it once, it cant even level you off on a set of stairs thats how useless the LG leveler is. not sure if anyone has used a 3rd party leveler with the LG

I just bought a Werner standoff at Lowe’s for $42. It’s the same price at home depot also.


If your standing on the 2nd or top rungs at any time it is totally unsafe…

Plus you can use a stabilizer on sectionals !



…more stabilizers on sectionals !


How many feet is that LG?

have you got a sectional ´V Top in your arsenal?

its the 22

my sectionals are on backorder and should arrive within the next couple of weeks.
and yes i ordered a v top

Bummer you would be singing a different tune about the best ladder ever if you already had them and was using them. There AWESOME!!!

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Now he’ll have a little giant AND sectionals. Unstoppable combination. Yes, the sectionals are great, but you can’t use them for dusting ceiling fans, cleaning chandeliers and other A-frame required duties.

I definitely think it’s a bonus to the homeowner when the window cleaner can put new lightbulbs in the high lighting fixtures while they’re at the job - why call another contractor for a few light bulbs?

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