The Biz Motivation 2

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Awesome video! I started my business 5 months ago and it has been a slow start so my motivation has been up and down a lot. One thing that just recently got me motivated was that my wife and I just designed and ordered some new door hangers that have the rubber band and sticky thing on the back. I’m excited to see the results :slight_smile: Another little thing that has given me a boost at times is re-arranging my truck and tools to get the best possible set up, i know it might sound kinda stupid but even the little things help at times! And of course this forum has been HUGE motivation.

Nola was HUGE for me! I love talking shop anyway, but it always kicks ya in the a$$.

Due to my excitment from NOLA I was in the office around 5am.

I have 3 years in the mid-west as a lead cleaner. I have just been put in the BOSS SEAT with a new company. I was making 34.5% per job as the lead cleaner/trianer. My question is now that I’m going to be running this service (being a first time boss) from the ground up. What percent should I ask for??? I feel like it should be more then what I was making with the other company. But being a first time boss I’m not sure… Any help/info would be great. Thanks for your time.

Well, I think you should get your feet t before you go for the gold. Make your self an asset that they can see is worth your weight in gold. Then they will know you are worth more as much as you do.

For me to stay motivated I definitely need to be [I]improving s[/I]omething. Either learning a new window cleaning technique, better seo techniques for my website, a new marketing idea, a better way to organize my operation (I definitely want to investigate the Customer Factor soon) or even a better way to organize my equipment in my van. For me, I have to keep it fresh, new, interesting.

Sometimes it’s also about the switch between residential work and commercial work. As much as I like people, they can burn me out after a whole summer of doing resi. But then when the weather gets colder I get jazzed up again hitting the storefronts harder, doing pole work rockin out with my tunes and not having to mess with any screens.

Do u you think I’m over thinking this for now? Should I wait on the money talk ??

I would get your new venture going…and then let your results speak for itself…and you won’t need the money talk.


Didn’t u talk about ur pay when u got hired?

Kinda of as far as what I was making at last place but not for what I would be making running this one. So not yet

So you do not have the job yet?

When a company hires you, they let you know the wage. I would definitely find it weird if they didn’t.

But in any case, if you find this company legit, you should tell them ASAP what you want to be paid. It’s something they usually ask during the interview.

ya its a real company and doing really well, their branching out into windows, thats where I come in. Yes I got the job ( 2 weeks of interviews), but there are still things in the works and money is one of them. We talked about hour/percent, I lean to the %, because you tend to push yourself to do more work for better paychecks, and by the hour leaves so much time wasted in my opinion.

YOU…are my motivation Josh.