The cheapest water fed pole out

This is pretty much the cheapest price out now for a wfp

price includes a great brush, hose and fittings.

How does the rigidity and weight compare to a carbon/fiberglass hybrid pole?

How does that 36 footer perform?

what is the weight on the 36ft

If pretty light and rigid. Good stuff for the price. I have the first one ever sold in the US. Its my backup now :slight_smile:


About 11 or 12 pounds for the 36’, IIRC. Gets heavy after using it for awhile, but performs pretty well for aluminum. Definitely not like a carbon or hybrid pole, but good value for the price. It was way overpriced when I bought mine last year (kicks self uncerimoniously). But then again, it made me a lot of money before I moved up to a carbon. I use it for some high traditional work, and as a backup wfp now.

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We will film up some videos today showing the rigidness etc.

They were way over priced Im glad the line is in our hands now. The previous distributor screwed the American market hard… and the line basically died because of it. We are here to fix that and keep it priced right like Brodex originally intended.