The “Competition”

Losers. They won’t be in business for long. Every town has them.

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Ha! Yep! I use these guys to filter out the low ball PITA clients. Had lady call last week. Says her windows haven’t been cleaned in 6 yrs…I tell her prices for avg home size…she says “mine is a small house so its probably cheaper”… uh no.

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I like my service minimum charge, it’s worked even better this year as the cost for everything has been going up.

5 years ago $249 minimum would have had me sitting at home not cleaning glass with a low low close rate and these days it’s got me so many 10-15 window jobs on a small little ranch or 55+ community condos (those I’ll get neighbors and do 3-5 a day)

Hobby vs. Business. A small shotgun style home that is 45 feet long has a gutter on both sides of an A-pitch roof is 90 feet x $2.00 per foot = $180. One small home with 50 feet of gutter is $100 at that base price. I’m content to let folks work cheap while I target better paying jobs that cover my cost, insurance, taxes, pay, and profit.

Honestly, I was debating on hiring them lol

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There’s a guy that got smart and put up $189 house washes (any house) signs in my hood. The smart part is that he put them on telephone poles that are buried in poison ivy, so nobody wants to take them down.

I Googled the phone number, and he’s 45 minutes away in Bergen County. Why would you want to travel here for peanuts?

I can’t see traveling from NB to Tom’s River or Linden for $85. It doesn’t make financial sense.

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Maybe they’re running a charity.

@Narcos Thanks for posting this.

It’s crazy to think a person would charge so little for something that’s tough work and comes with lots of risk.

By contrast I’ve booked a job this week that was 10% higher than another bid.

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I second the service minimum.

Earlier this year, I analyzed all the jobs I had done since starting. and compared what I charged to what I should have. It was eye opening.

For window cleaning, I set minimums based on a range of how many windows a home would have.

For gutter cleaning, the minimums are based on how many stories there are.

Curious how other folks set theirs.

I have $150 minimum for window cleaning (within a 30 min drive)
It’s mainly to keep the cheap people wanting only the few difficult windows cleaned and real estate agents away.
Most of the homes nearby are more than this amount anyway.