The customer factor vs zoho

I’m planning to use zoho or tcf for my business
Why should we use one over the other?

I wanted to use Zoho but I couldn’t figure out how there pipeline fit my business structure. THey use several descritions Im not used to like potentials, Contacts, etc. I am not used to that format and could seem to figure out how to make it fit or use it. Its seems like a great software though and cheap.

i had a quick look at zoho and a more in depth look at several others.
i started using tcf this spring and increased my business significantly, wait tcf did not increase my business I increased my business by USING tcf features. actually mostly one feature so far, there are more that i will use to increase further.
i looked tried and tested for 2 years tcf won.

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What is it about tcf that won you over. I just started to look at it, about a week now. I’m also using hcp and using them at the same time. Hcp seem more intuitive and better with an app. Tcf is a little overwhelming, but seems like there is way more to grow into.

Did you try hcp also?

yes i tried hcp, kick serv, method crm, service mate, and more.
tcf is not yet as slick as the new guys that started in the mobile age but it is far more advanced in it’s crm functions including handling prospects seperately from customers.
it can be overwhelming to look at initially.
i currently have kickserve, hcp and service m8 and they are all cool but i use tcf.
pm me if you want.

which feature did you use