The Economy

Lots of talk about the economy this year. How do you think it will affect your sales?

No sign of any economy problems here in the DC area for me. I’m proud to say I’ve already doubled what I did last year at this time with no effort. Maybe I have global warming to thank for it.

This is the best March we have had in 25 years (knock on wood)

We have been cleaning windows for almost 30 years now. A “recession” has never affected us. However, we do live in Massachusetts which tends to be recession proof.

I know I’m booked solid even with all of the “global warming” weather we’ve been having (still waking up to 2-3" of snow every morning).

I believe that it will be business a usual. The gas prices will affect us a little with the gas gouging mind game of 50 cents up one week and 25 cents down the next week. Most people I have had conversations about the economy are tired of complaining and have developed the “life goes on attitude”. I spoke with a local Kawasaki shop owner the other day about the economy and he said that he doesnt expect to see a decline in sales either. People love thier recreation (Dirtbikes,Quads, Jet skis, Boats). People like to get out and do things when the weather is good. They wont let gas prices get in the way of that. I know that the majority of my clients are fanatics with having clean windows. They will make room in the budget for my service.


I’ll agree with the other 2 Massachussetts folks above, things only took off about 3 weeks ago and I’m all ready about 2 weeks behind with bookings all the way thru July