The Ego Has Landed

Hi guys,

Back when I first started my window cleaning company, wait
scratch that. Before I even went FT with it I was lucky enough
to stumble into two situations.

First- I got hooked up with Merry Maids. Wow was that great. I
mean I had lots of work, made great money and did not need to

Two- At that same time I also got in bed with a chain of high
end grocery stores… to the tune of $20,000 a year.

Fast forward 18 months. Merry Maids started to get on my
nerves a little because of the timetable we were using to
schedule. Basically they wanted me almost on call and they
were hinting at a bigger piece of the pie (they were making LOTS
of money off me and wanted more, of course)

At the time I did not understand business. I certainly had no
idea of how to get customers. So what do I do? I tell them to
go take a screw. I thought I will make the rules and that is that.

Along comes the great depression for me. I was struggling badly
and knew nothing about marketing. As we all know I learned
something since then.

Fast forward 7 years- A man named Chris decides to give me a shot
at writing his ads. I do it and we have great success… a year later
that damned ego stops by for a visit… crushing my business
relationship and my personal friendship with Chris.

It is kinda strange to think that the best business moves I took
part of I destroyed in a quickness.

I mean me and Kevin had about the ugliest ‘better than you’ vicious
slugfest on this very forum. We both sunk to a place no one should
ever go… started why? Ego

I am a very straight shooter and I have disguised my ego inside that
for too long.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for me to put away “well if you don’t like
it, so what” approach.

What’s even funnier is that I tell people who I have helped on here
not to tell anyone. It’s like I don’t want to ruin my image or something.

I may never be the guy people want to cuddle with, but I have to
remember there are real live people on the other end of my keyboard.
With real live feelings.

I have gained nothing with my ego, ever. If it were not for my skill
nobody would care if I fell off the earth. That my friends is a sad place
to be.

I mistakenly turned my back on this community, a community where I
have suffered the same day to day problems. I was the guy who did not
know squat about a flier once. I was the guy with only $100 for marketing. I
was the guy emailing Realtors hoping for a miracle.

Starbrite’s recent poll had me reflect on my actions throughout the past
decade. I lost out on God knows how much money I could have made
with Merry Maids. I lost a good friend and I have been incentive to
those struggling just like I did. Maybe their struggle reminds me of those
painful times early on and I lash out. I don’t know.

One would think I can get my point across without being a callus a-hole.
I’m a wordsmith for crap sake.

To those I have offended, I am sorry.

I will cage the beast.


That includes you, too.

I respect this post from you.

I like it.

Great post Paul. This guy here that posted this can help a lot of people and In the process he can make a lot of money too.

Hey, Paul that was a grest post. Enjoyed reading it. Attitude, is success.

Great post too, so how about a few free postcard, flyer ideas from you to warm us all to you now.

hey paul,
i can appreciate where youre coming from. believe it or not i have done a lot of the same things you have… i decided to make an attitude adjustment and got rid of the guys who worked for me who had the same rotten attitude… i saw and reaped the benefits from it.
i hope you do as well.

I have made that same statement about you before talking to another window cleaner on this forum.

Great post Paul. Now let’s go get some!


Paul: My respect and admiration for you continues to grow.

I have to say I didn’t see this coming. Kudos Paul!

+1 Paul

I think even more people will listen to your great advice when you come off with an attitude like you did in this post.

People are funny we make decisions based on emotion, If someone ****es us off we tend to ignore them even if they have great advice that could really help us.

just my 2 cents.


I am glad I read this first. I was just going to rant on the starbrite tread about all the bull**** going on…
Listen…that poll is based mostly on peoples assumptions and first Impressions. Hey…I’ll be honest…I voted kevin…why…I dont know. I bought a Ebook from [U]you[/U] about a year ago that included a free ad. Maybe I was ****ed because the ad I showed you I had…you just ripped it apart. But that didnt bother me. It was all the negatives you stewed upon me with no positives where I needed it. I had to basically beg for that free ad you offered. Which you did do eventually, and I go thru the marketiing ebook a bunch.
I only know you and kevin from reading these posts…and what I do know and am sure most will agree…you both have a whirlwind of information and knowledge on marketing and such…more than I will ever know. And I look foward to reading more in the future…

Let’s get real, this a “virtual” room, and these guys are not brain surgeons about to save your kid. They write ads, tell you what they think it works or not, you can follow or don’t, doesn’t even matter. Is our fault as a “community”, worshiping them and putting unnecessary pressure on them.

What pi** me off is that I don’t know why you coming clean just now… if you really realized that you were acting like a moron, or because you had some fight with Chris that we’re unaware of. But looking at the big picture it doesn’t matter, and it shows something that you publicly express yourself.

Not trying to offend anyone, just being honest.

Life is short and money is not everything, keep that in mind, who know how tomorrow is gonna be.


I’m not one typically taken to name-calling – I prefer to discuss words. But in this case, I believe cyborg’s post was offensive and selfish given the circumstances.

Paul -

I don’t know you personally, but from my time gathered on this forum, you have always come across as pompous. Now I know money is a motivating factor in our society, but behind every one of your comments - I see dollar signs in your virtual eyes. Ego is a dangerous thing - use it sparingly. I have also learned in my short time on planet earth to not burn your bridges - especially with ego in mind. I hope for what it is worth, that you are able to reconcile your differences with those in both your personal and professional life. I wish you the best no matter what your venture…Good Luck.

Agreed, wasn’t funny neither sarcastic, just completely out of place.

Give them an inch, they take mile.

Good Post Paul.

EGO = Edging God Out