The funniest thing happened 2 me 2day

I am washing windows on a house, ground level in the back. Got the ipod crankin some Chimaira and it’s a beautiful day on the lake. I smell a skunk and figured one must have gotten hit in the road. Still washing glass and as I squeegee off some solution, I see something moving in the reflection in back of me. I turn around and there is the skunk looking at me. So I walk slowly away and around the stairs of the deck to give him his space. He non shalantly followed me. I kept walking and the faster I went the faster he went. That little guy chased me around the house and into my truck. It was to funny. I felt like Pepe LePue’s Kitty Kat Girlfriend. That skunk circled my truck a couple times and finally made his way off into the woods. Needless to say, I can’t count how many times I looked over my shoulder to see if he was back around while I was rapidly finishing up the outsides. Here’s a couple of pics of the little guy as he was circling me in the truck . He stunk up the yard and I had to rewash a lower window he sprayed.

haha i can just picture you running from the skunk, i would have done the same thing. it must have been the day of the skunk… my neighbors dog got sprayed this morning, stunk up the whole street.

That’s too funny…
We once had a whole pack of baby skunks follow us through the woods. It was cute and all until I realized that momma would be back soon, and she wouldn’t be too happy with us.
On one job, my guy was laddering some second story windows on the front of the house. He had the ladder set up in the landscaping, next to a bush. When he climbed down, a duck bit him in the leg…and drew blood. When he showed me the bush, you could see the duck’s nest full of eggs.

Funny you tell the story, I was just thinking the other day what it must be like being a window cleaner in say Louisiana. Guess you must be educated on the crazy wild life that you would encounter daily.

The bear are what scare me. Headphones on and no warning. Time 2 play dead and pray.

How about being a window cleaner in Australia… the damned butterflies are venomous!

Man I hope you’re not crankin in front of the customer. That has professional written all over it (not really man)

Pretty funny skunk story though :wink:

If only he had one foot on the top of a ladder… now THAT would be unprofessional. lol.

Great story. I got chased out of a fenced in back yard by a cocker spaniel today…

Funny, man

I’m Dangerous but you can call me Dange, HOWDY YAWL !

You know sometimes when wild animals who are usually timid and nocturnal come after you and are not timid… well they may have rabies ! In the later stages they foam at the mouth, but in the early stages they can be agressive and without fear !

In So-Cal in the out laying cities you have to be aware of rattle snakes when working through bushes ! I know because I almost stepped on one in the hills above Laguna Beach !