The guys with red shirts that start with F

Unbelievable. I watched one of their employees at a very upscale outdoor mall taking care of his accounts not even wetting down the windows and squeegeeing them, but just buffing em off with a microfiber on a pole. I thought i might of missed something until he started on the next store and just buffed the windows with a dry microfiber inside and out then bailed!!! unreal.!!!

It is possible that is how the account is/was sold.

I see how that would give a price-point advantage.

However, if the account is billed for ‘cleaning’ the window that is another matter.

My guess is they bid low and pay employees a percentage, 30%. The employee is only trying to make a living. If he doesn’t cut corners he can’t servive. You do what you have to do.:frowning:

I agree with Mike, plus a lot of these guys don’t have a lot of window cleaning experience, so for them buffing out the fingerprints in a mall is far faster than wetting and squeeging
If as Mike says they get 30% of the price then they are doing these stores for a few dollars if the prices i have been told are correct, also they I believe pay their own gas and parking fees

I was asked to bid a job because the store manager is very unhappy with the service he is getting from you know who. The poor quality is glaring. The boys in the red shirts were really moving along on this one. I didn’t get the job because it is being done for about half my price. I told him he is getting more than his moneys worth, even though it looks bad. He agreed but can’t justify the increase to the district manager to have it done right.

In the event that a store manager is not happy with the service does he have any recourse to complain or make them do it to his satisfaction?

The boyz in Red get paid from 30 to 40 %.

Any store manager can have a cleaner redo the work by refusing to sign off on work.

I guess he could complain to their manager. If I was doing the job correctly for their boss I would earn about $8.50 an hour. That’s more than minimum wage, right? What are they going to do quite?:frowning:

I think he feels bad for the window cleaners.:o It’s a 3 hour job, that’s under bid.



I am not afraid of doing 30 story buildings off a rope…but that roof…

you guys have stones.

A couple years back I interviewed with fish for a job. They offered me 14 buck an hour cuz I had experience…So I don’t think every fish franchise does percentages. And I think they said that they do supply gas money.

So maybe this guys was just behind or wanted to get out of that mall.

that is why you stick with Residential Big B

But no scrim…

They HAD a scrim. I still have no stones.

Does the pitch of that roof not require a harness and a rope? It looks awfully steep.

Naa its just the way the camera is angled. We are used to hit almost all the homes we do have skylights.

What are your thoughts on cleaning sky lights?
Skate shoes, WFP, slope of roof, safty lines, etc.
When is it safe to just run around up there like the guys in the picture?
Would skylights and safty be a good thread topic?


[B]Hey Mike[/B]

What are your thoughts on cleaning sky lights?

[B]I think they are always dangerous. We charge double the cost of a window to due them. That allows us extra time to work extra slow and safe up there.[/B]

Skate shoes, WFP, slope of roof, safty lines, etc.

[B]Skate shoes yes. WFP usually not an option, because they usually require nose to glass to get the pollen and junk off. That and the angle from the ground. Im not a big fan of safety lines on a residential job. We would sooner just refuse that part of the job, than break out safety lines. If a roof is unwalkable, we have no problem informing the customer we cant get to it.[/B]

When is it safe to just run around up there like the guys in the picture?
Never. They are walking carefully.[/B]

Would skylights and safety be a good thread topic?

[B]absolutely post it up![/B]

Whats with all the trees?

I thought you lived in Jersey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dude! That is like the biggest misconception about NJ… Everybody that comes up to visit us here is blown a way.

We totally live in the woods… There is nothing around here except for woods and a ski area. All woods and farms that’s it.