The Hated Employee

This may be a strange subject but it is something I have had a hard time with all season.

No matter who comes and who goes there is always 1 guy who does not gel with the rest of the crew. Fortunately they don’t last very long so the bickering and the back and forth stuff doesn’t last very long but then its back to square one; interviewing and hiring.

Our latest guy has been on for the last couple weeks and runs his mouth constantly. I can only put him with a certain crew leader because he has no problem keeping him in line but he HATES working with him.

When I worked for a company almost 10 years ago it was the same way. One odd man out who could not get along with anyone. We all hated working with him - even talking to him.

I believe to get the most out of your crew everyone has to enjoy their job, enjoy who they work with, contribute to a safe working environment and work in unison to get the job done. Having a guy no one wants around and would rather leave him in the truck I feel is counter productive.

Anyone run into anything like this? Any thoughts?