The Ins and Outs


Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I’ve been doing windows for myself about 3 years now and just realized I’ve got everything I need to be doing solar panels. I haven’t done one yet but I do have a Tucker pole and DI. Anything special I need to know before I attack the panels? I’m pretty comfortable on roofs; just wondering


I don’t offer this service so I’m not 100% sure, but aside from not electrocuting yourself, I think it’s pretty straight forward. I know there is some solar panel cleaning stuff for sale here in the store, though I’m not sure what all it is.

There are other threads regarding solar panel cleaning, and who is doing it. A quick search should yield satisfying results;)

Edit: Oh and from what I hear, residential solar panel cleaning is not worth it unless it’s as an add on to an existing window cleaning job.

The reason being that the average home just doesn’t have enough panels to justify go out and doing an estimate or even just doing the estimate over the phone and then cleaning them. The job won’t cover your expenses and you would be better off spending that time on a more profitable window cleaning job.

But if you can bundle them together or target commercial solar panel cleaning then you can make some money.

[B]Nate[/B]: Do you have a minimum charge policy?

Commercial/storefront-- no.

Residential-- $99