The Internet Obsolete?

[COLOR=Black]Here’s one for the techies out there [/COLOR]

The Internet could soon be made obsolete. The scientists who pioneered it have now built a lightning-fast replacement capable of downloading entire feature films within seconds. At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection, “the grid” will be able to send the entire Rolling Stones back catalogue from Britain to Japan in less than two seconds.
The latest spin-off from Cern, the particle physics centre that created the web, the grid could also provide the kind of power needed to transmit holographic images; allow instant online gaming with hundreds of thousands of players; and offer high-definition video telephony for the price of a local call.
David Britton, professor of physics at Glasgow University and a leading figure in the grid project, believes grid technologies could “revolutionise” society. “With this kind of computing power, future generations will have the ability to collaborate and communicate in ways older people like me cannot even imagine,” he said.

The trouble with this kind of information has a lot to do with the source.
Despite the seeming “sensation” that FOX spins on this it is hardly even news.
Here is a link to an article that may put this in perspective for you.
Note that this will not make the Internet obsolete. It is an improvement in the delivery technology.

James [a former techie]

I don’t know why you think that Fox “spins” the article - it is a reprint from the Times of London, they wrote it not Fox.

sounds sweet!

Heard about this a long time ago. It only makes sense. The original internet setup wasn’t designed to handle the bandwidth it’s currently uses. Who could’ve guessed decades ago that we’d be watching full length movies over the internet?

I also heard this was another way of censoring the internet i.e. delete the old one in time & bring in a new one with more ways of getting the money out of you. It makes consumer sense - they’ve done it with music (records/tapes/c.d.s/mp3’s) now they will keep reinventing the wheeb for a while.

Wow! Can you imagine how many spam emails you’ll get if it goes to that.