The IWCA Letter to Gana

Here it is…

That looks pretty good.

Yeah…ALOT of work went into that letter! Im glad its done and look forward to Gana’s next move?

This was given out to members of the MWCoA this morning. I guess this could count as a response if you look over the dates from when the IWCA sent it’s letter and when this letter was sent out.

Yes…thats the latest release from our fine friends at Gana! Basically i wasn’t expecting much more,there sticking to there guns as usual…no surprise there!

Basically…there surely not going to change there position because that would surely make them wide open to possible litigation,in the vent someone wanted to really persue the matter! Of course as i previously mentioned the ASTM standards have to be challenged,but…its only obviously Gana is covering there tails there too by the changes that have been made to the standards.

Such a joke.

What it would be extremely humorous to see is a GANA-trained crew perform a scratch-free CCU on a sample, random new home.

A showdown, if you will…

What say we wrangle ourselves up such a showdown? May be just what the GANA folks need to wake up and smell reality.

Perhaps an open-letter challenge?

Today, some of your more vocal window cleaners insist on doing things GANA’s way.

Hmm, no longer seems to load.

Thanks. Seven years old though. What ever came of the seminar or what ever it was recently in Finland I believe?

The IWCA hasn’t retracted that - and they’ve kept it posted on their website - so that remains the IWCA’s official position on GANA bulletins.

One result of my presentation in Finland, I was contacted by a large European window manufacturer for help with a roller side quality problem they had with their tempering fabricator, that lead to scratches during cleaning.
They got it resolved in their favor - as a problem with the glass, not the cleaners.

That’s what we need to have happen in the US - demand for quality on the roller side of tempered glass.
It’s just gonna so much harder here, because some of our window cleaners are very vocal about giving up.

Ah, good info.

Ah, those were the days.