The Liquidator vs the Original "Polzn Bladz" 45 degree mod


This is an AWSOME explanation of why someone would buy the Liquidator channel even if they have already modified their own.

I have made my channel modifications to near perfection and thought the same myself. That being said, I was very interested in this new concept design of channel and got one myself.

Absolutely love it!!
Besides what Polz-n-blades discusses, I have also found that due to the plastic end cap design, I don’t have to worry anymore about scraping the frame with the tips.

Also, if you have your blade a hair shy of the end, you can actually use the tip of the channel as a guide and ride the edge smoothly instead of the rubber chirping or grabbing the seal!

Simply ingenious design!

You have certainly outdone yourself this time @polznblades
And blew the competition out of the water!

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ordered mine 5 days ago and it was sold out so it is on backorder

I can assume that some one has gotten it in their hands, why hasnt anyone given a review yet?

Eric: I have Ettore channels modified to perfection and love working with them. I do a lot of pole work because I’m mostly a storefront guy. Bob has mentioned that the liquidator is not that great on a pole so I’m still waiting to buy the liquidator channels even though I’m one of Polzn Bladz biggest fans. Posts like yours help to squelch any doubts in my mind. That’s why I posted the video. I’m looking for feedback. Anybody else feel the same way as Eric?

I have an 8" 12" 14" and 16 all modified at home, the 16 was the only difficult one to get to perfection.

8,12, 16 are Unger stainless steel channels on ergotec handles so the teeth in the handle hold the rubber in the channel.

The 16" is an Ettore stainless steel on a backflip handle, so there is no teeth to hold the rubber in the channel. I tried squeezing the end tighter, works a bit but I don’t get the zero detail desired result.

I have the 18" liquidator on a backflip handle and I get perfect results now with it.

The liquidator is great and it works for me. I even had to man up and go back to the 18" for route work from the 16 when I need a hand tool. I did have to clip the end a bit more snug so the rubber would stay in place, but it is a tool I would tell anyone to grab and try out in their favorite size hand tool.

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