The Most Interesting Window Cleaner

His birthdate opens every gated community code he enters

His squeegee rubber is so old it’s attached to the squeegee…but his windows are always clean

Once he cleaned the wrong house on the block but was paid anyway

He went number 2 in a customers house…they asked him what cologne he was wearing.

He is …The most interesting window cleaner in the world[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[I][FONT=“Arial Black”]I don’t always use dish soap…but when I do ………I use Ultra Dawn original scent[/FONT][/I]

I’m with you on that, 2 hours of apple scent and I’m ready to hurl!

Is this you?..

sure what are you doing Saturday night?


thank you btw I forgot about that site and having the same SN as this one…not a good idea to have this place and that one linked together…I’ve met more than my fair share of wacko women…

Speaking of this is a great site for those (like me) who want to hand out a phone number and NOT hand out your original,

I can see this thread becoming very long :rolleyes: