"The Naked Window Cleaner" 210-page reference guide

Well, the day has come!

[B][SIZE=“5”]“The Naked Window Cleaner” - 2008 softcover edition is now available![/SIZE][/B]

I’ve managed to put the finishing touches on my first, brand-new book “The Naked Window Cleaner” - a 210-page, softcover reference guide designed to accomplish one primary objective: help you supercharge your window cleaning business to achieve growth and increased profitability as soon as humanly possible.

It’s [B]finally for sale[/B] for only $104 with tax and shipping included ($15 more for Europe, Hawaii, and beyond…), and it automatically comes with a lifetime risk-free return policy.

I know that this reference guide will help you and your window cleaning business, if you decide to check it out.

There’s some juicy stuff in it, a lot of uncommon and oft-unpracticed marketing intelligence, and also a comprehensive appendix of pretty much every marketing piece that my company has used to generate several hundred thousand dollars in revenue.

As I said, this 210-page business guide also comes with an unlimited-time return policy, so you can order it, read every page, devour all the strategy it explains and applies, and then decide if you’d like to keep it as a permanent part of your business library or not!

[B]Here’s the webpage[/B] again that explains more


P.S. Once you’ve received your copy, just PM me, and I’ll give you the link for an exclusive, WCR-only, authorized $20 mail-in rebate form. This mail-in rebate will be available until May 30, 2008.

One more reason to drop by WCR on a regular basis!Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (15.7 KB)Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (15.7 KB)Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (15.7 KB)

Very nice! I will order tomorrow.

Oops, I made a mistake…(too many late nights, sorry)

I meant to give all you WCR folk a [B]$50 mail-in rebate[/B]. My apologies for that!

It’s not $20, but [B]$50[/B] that an WCR member can save, but only until May 31st, so the WCR price is only $54 with shipping and taxes in, after mail-in rebate.

I have heard through my VERY trusting grape vine that this is a solid product.

Most of you should be robbing the piggy and get this book…

fyi i love the video’s at the naked window cleaner…just remember just because there may not be more at the the time of the live broadcast there are tons who watch later.

Cool…thx guys, I appreciate the props!

I’ve watched every one of your awesome webcasts, but never with the gang at the time of airing.

Thanks for the motivation to bring the marketing much more to the front. I need some feedback on a flyer, I’ve used some of my own lines, and one or so from you and others. Let me know if you have time to look at it.

Thanks, Chris Cassidy /Clearview Window & Blind Cleaning

Hit me, Chris. I’ll do my best to find a few minutes to give you my thoughts.

Thanks Kevin I appreciate you doing that for all the members here. I would highly recommend this book, it is a great read.

Kevin, Here is the flier. Feel free to make any changes or suggestions.
I was wondering if my company name and all was too dominant?

All are welcome to make comments as well.

Thanks, Chrisdraft flier.pdf (853 KB)

Hey y’all.

Okay - I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is in the biggest way I know how…I’ve decided to give anyone a free 60-day preview of my brand-new 210-page book.

Here’s how it works:
[SIZE=“5”]You can read my brand-new book for FREE.[/SIZE][/B]

I’ll send you in the mail my brand-new book for free.
You won’t have to pay for shipping, I’ll do that.

You’ll have 60 days to read every page, devour every single strategy, and check out every resource that I’ve included in the book.

If after 60 days, you don’t absolutely love it, just ship it back, and you’ll never have to pay even one cent! I’ll even issue you a refund for the return shipping!

If you do love it, keep it forever, and after 60 days, I’ll process 2 separate payments of $52, one right away after the 60 day free preview, and the other one a month after. (that’s a total payment of $97 + $7 shipping, but it’ll only go through if you decide to keep the book after your 60-day free preview)

I basically am trying to give everyone a chance to get this book and read the whole thing (every single page) before you even decide to keep it! Basically, legitimately remove every single ounce of risk.


Here’s the whole story[/B], no funny business, I assure you!

When you post mine - can you send your shirt off your back as well?
You can’t say fairer than that!

Hmmm…may I think about it?

Yeah - you know what - I hate being scammed as much as anyone, so I figured why not put this resource in everyone’s hands for a couple of months, before they have to decide…

So when can we expect a second edition, with even more secrets to phenomenal success? lol your book is awesome Kevin!

Congrats Kevin on your book. Too bad, I’m in your market and could never read it.


You know whats crazy, Mike?

Of the first 6 who have signed up in the last couple of hours, 2 are from the GTA!

Mike : If you would like to take a look at this resource, I’ll let you in, whether you’d like the book or the dossier. Both are available for a 2-mth risk-free preview. It wouldn’t be fair not to give you access, since 2 others have already, in the first few hours the door has been open…


p.s. You have to promise NOT to share the dossier with your brother or anyone else, though! I’ll probably only let one more GTA WC business owner in on this. It would be foolish for me to allow more than that.

That’s so cool Kevin. Thanks. I’ll buy the book. btw. I’ll tell no one, you have my word, not even my brother.


You’re welcome, man.

I appreciate that!

Bold guarantee!
There’s an old saying in sales that goes something like - “Sell the sizzle not the steak”, by this I mean people may not care or know about a squeegee they just want to see outside more clearly and vividly than they ever thought possible. Maybe an image that shows a seemingly clean window and the difference as the squeegee is drawn across it. Also, check spelling receiving needs to be changed.

Good luck


Wow, I think he posted that flier 4 years ago! On his profile it shows his last post was back in 2008. You did some digging for this! Good insight though.