The new IPC Eagle advisor

So I have been brought on by IPC Eagle as an advisor for their equipment. I have been out to their headquarters in MN and had a chance to go through all of their water fed equipment with Dallas the engineer. I have owned their equipment since almost the beginning but I am still amazed at their products.

The Hydro tube is mind-blowing. And the screen cleaner is very cool.

I am basically going to be helping out with any questions anyone may have and helping trouble shoot if need be.

So if you have any questions about any IPC Eagle product don’t hesitate to ask!

I need more info on the screen cleaner device, can’t find a video of it anywhere.
Not gonna buy it but I’m curious about how it works.

I will get that for you tomorrow.

Congrats Josh.

Yeah, I am very interested in the screen cleaner as well. Would love to hear how it holds up in the field and worth the price.

what is the best (maybe cheapest) way to buy a good floor scrubber eagle do they sell demo models or is there a way to find lease returns etc I will be cleaning the floor a retail store about 1400 sq feet thanx kelly

I’m sorry for the delay on the screen washer video. I will have a great video for you coming up within about a week.