The New Tucker Brushes

These are pretty tight… Has anyone tried them out yet?

Tucker Water Fed Pole Brushes

Not that red topped one, but got the new new style, love it, I sure was missing those tucker brushes, glad they got them goin again

@Bruce, I think I remember you saying you used, or have used, Perry’s clear dual trim. How does this compare? Let me try it :grinning:

I have my eye in this one , or a Gardiner

The RHG guy said there really good , an I think it was a post I read that Bruce said it was one of his favorites.
Constructor is still in a box with all the parts scattered about. No patience :neutral_face:


Although I have yet to use one, I love the look of them. Simple and sturdy. The kind of effective brush for all around cleaning that will last through years of grime and beating.

i have the original version with an adapter to make it fit euro threads. pretty much the best brush out there aside from the constructor, imho. lasts forever too.

i was thinking of modding one with a top rinse bar and side 2 side. i think that would be the one brush to rule them all.

Hey there. Thanks for pointing out the Tucker euro brushes. This brush has been sold for nearly 60 years in the cleaning industry. American made and tough as nails! Traditionally you could not get this brush to fit a euro tip water-fed pole and so most people have never tried them if they have only gotten into water-fed in the last 10 years. Prior to that it was, in many ways, one of the only brushes out there.

From now until the end of the year I’m going to extend FREE SHIPPING on the 12" models through WCR. The 12" models come in 3 variations. The standard flow which is 2 pencil jets. Max flow which is 4 pencil jets all plumbed together, and the Fan spray or Pencil spray.

Thanks Shawn

I want to point out these are the 3 models here that have the free shipping promo:

Tucker Dual Trim Brush - Has 2 pencil jets

Tucker Dual Trim - Dual Jetted - Has 2 fan and 2 pencil jets

Tucker Dual Trim - Pencil Jet - Has 4 pencil Jets

Happening now. Check out as normal - Check out with only this in your cart and it will give you completely free shipping on these items.

Tucker Brushes Available Here

I loooove this brush. A tucker was my first WFP experience years ago and it is really nice to see that they have been brought up to date. I have the 4 pencil on a side2side. Been my go to for a couple months now. Amazing!


Hey Bob , Better than the clear dual trim [quote=“BigBob, post:10, topic:35174”]
the 4 pencil on a side2side. Been my go to for a couple months now. Amazing!

It’s pretty close. Overall I would say it has a better splay and way more bristles. The inner bristles are not as firm as the reach it. So if there is something really hard on the glass it may not do as well but for 90% of what I do it works great. I have two minis set up one with the Tucker and one with the clear dual trim. My preference has been the Tucker for the last few months. I think the primary reason I like it is the density of bristles that it has and how well it splays out. It seems to do more work with each pass then the clear dual trim. It also gets into the lower sills and or tracks better as well. They are close but definitely my favorite two brushes. If you like the clear dual trim then you will probably like the Tucker.

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Thanks for the feed back Bob

We are also in the testing phase right now on our boars hair as well as hybrid boars/nylon brushes. Tons of amazing products coming from Tucker® in 2016.

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That hybrid looks amazing!

There it is!

the hybrid

this is what I have been envisioning for ages!!

I want! I want!! I want!!!

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Bruce, get me your address. We are in the testing phase with these new brushes and I’d love your feedback.

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sent to your website contact rhg form - thanks Shawn!

I’m jealous @Bruce, let’s have a demo day lol

Brush looks awesome

@BigBob, thanks for the feedback. I’ve been wanting to try this anyways so it looks like I’ll order one up!