The New Window Sites

Like I told Mr. Steve

If you do not have an ounce of envy or in no way in a million years would you use even if it was only 1 dollar a month then I would understand your view, but if your city was available and it was just 1 dollar a month I would have a hard time believing you wouldnt be taking advantage of just another way to market your business.

And also it’s wc.coms awarded to give if they want to give it to the guy riding the bike with a bottle of windex its their opinion. Just like your entitled to an opinion there entitled to award who they want doesn’t matter if someone is paying them or not plus the last time I checked nice web pages and SEO isn’t free. Either way it’s their opinion… Kinda like the dumb magazine I seen at the grocery store today that said some woman was the most beautiful woman in the world. Who picks that garbage? She looked just like another normal face walking down the cereal aisle…

Awesome! Thanks Chris! And how has your direct mail campaign been going with the branding? Any updates? So glad you love the new sites.

Brian @bc window cleaning your link is not working either. I have noticed that there are many people on wcr whose links do not work.