The New Window Sites

The new sites look pretty awesome!

Nice Job mark and co.

Our sites are really kicking butt this year, they basically all are ranking #1 for Window Cleaning / Desired town

[COLOR=#1A1A1A][FONT=lucida grande]Awesome! Thanks [/FONT][/COLOR]Chris[COLOR=#1A1A1A][FONT=lucida grande]! And how has your direct mail campaign been going with the branding? Any updates? So glad you love the new sites.[/FONT][/COLOR]

I’m also piggybacking off what Chris did for mailers. We have 20k going out this month. This is the back, I think final version, might be an update or 2 on the ones that went to print so far

The only problem I have with the site is the dishonesty they use by saying that they “select the best” It’s a total lie. They “select” whomever pays them. I don’t think I could ethically put that in my advertising knowing that it’s false. Correct me if I’m wrong here.

What a crock!

I understand your comment Steve. I’ll explain. We’re building a national network of elite window cleaners and the “best” is always subjective. We interview and get to know every member we bring on board because after all it’s our network and reputation on the line. We’ve turned down several applicants because we have the right to choose who we partner with. We have no doubt there are many more excellent window cleaners in every city but all we need is one that we trust and believe in. And yes, we believe they’re the best. In fact we help them be the best with all the tools we provide. And we have no doubt that any customer who chooses to hire any company we recommend will be extremely happy with their work. That’s all customers want… a strong recommendation. Someone else to vouch for the company they might hire. And we do.

Lemme guess, you’re a subscriber! Thanks for your unbiased opinion…

I lost money

One way we’re helping our members be the best… all our members can now update their websites on their mobile phone, straight from the job site. So they can spend more time servicing their customers and less time at their office in front of the computer. They can take a photo and upload it instantly in just a few seconds just before driving away. Creating beautiful online photo galleries of their work…

My wife tells me that im the best husband, but is that a lie? I think in one way or another we all say we are the best or the premier window cleaner.

If they pushed the best to an extreme degree I could see what you mean but people who use us because of our site will tell you we are the best :slight_smile:

I don’t know if is some secret WCRA business or not, but…

  • if not, some of you need to check your "signatures." They are merged with WCR’s.

I’ve tried to tell you this for about a year now.
Either I don’t know what I’m talking about, or you don’t see me telling you.

But there are 2 prime examples in this thread alone…


Well Mark, That is a great explanation that might suit a Harvard lawyer but you are missing one key factor here. The dishonesty comes in because does not disclose that everyone who is “awarded” the best window cleaner is paying you for consideration, and if they drop their subscription, someone else can pay you to be the “best,” that is dishonesty (in my opinion).

What would you think if CNET awarded Samsung the best cellphone of 2013 and then found out Samsung paid CNET for consideration. What would the NBA MVP mean to L. James if he had to pay sportswriters a monthly fee to be “awarded” MVP.

Tell me what prestigious award is given to people who pay for the exclusive rights to be considered.

You give the impression that you have interview “hundreds” of window cleaners in some cities and then come to a decision on which one “best.” Can you document that? Your website says that you “verify their level of experience” but you fail to quantify just how you verify that.

Personally I would have no problem with you saying your subscribers are “certified” or " pre-screened" or even “most qualified” but to promote these companies as the “best” when there is no fair competition to determine that and they are paying you so you have a financial interest in “awarding” them #1 status is bogus and borders on false advertising.

That’s great except that doesn’t mean a thing to the customer. How does that help a window cleaner be the best? The ability to update a website from the field is hardly groundbreaking technology - I’m not a subscriber of and I can update my website from the customer’s house with my smartphone.

Except that you are not a business and your wife isn’t “awarding” you #1 husband in your city after interviewing and verifying “hundreds” of husbands in your area like says they do. The problem I have is with the word “awarded” and “best” it gives a false impression and I think that’s unethical.

Sites make us a good deal of money. We were voted the best in our area 2 years running by the community. If it is not for you that is fine, but casting judgment on anyone that has one is crap. We are as honest as it gets over here. Except when someone ask us about [MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION], and then I bad mouth the hell outta him. LOL

And that’s dishonest how?

Most don’t but one of my links does because my Site gets lots of wcr referral views and they stay on the Site for a long time


I haven’t met all my completion but I feel im the best around here and would go up against any window cleaner but it’s still my perception. is do different than Angie’s list and any other website that promotes businesses and says on there site what they do too pick the company.

I respect you steve and your decision not to use but saying its unethical is a bit much IMO.

Dude’s got a sweet site, what can I say?