The Official Samurai Boab Thread

As most of you know, I’ve been working on a boab for about 8 months. I’ve been thinking about it for about for about 4 years. The time was right last year to start developing it and it has come a long way. I have four different 3d prints of it as it has evolved. The last change was just a couple of weeks ago, but the change just “snapped” and it looks wicked awesome.

I’m not going to share specifics about the bucket just yet. We’ve got the utility and design patents pending and we’re PCT pending for international, but as much as the mold has cost, I sort of want it to hit the market hot as soon as it’s molded.

I’ve shared the details with a bunch of guys and none of them have said it sucks so that’s good. I’ve always been self depreciating so I’ve been paranoid that I’ve missed a vital flaw. But Luke wants to “sell the hellouttait” and PolznBlades said it has the potential to be the best bucket on the market. I think the UK guys will really like it for their residential routes. I hope so.

I’ll be sending samples out to @Chris, @Luke and @Trad-Man and @TheWindowCleanse and others as well as PolznBlades and Wagga. Is there anybody I missed?

The reason I’ve started this thread today is to bring you guys behind the curtain of product development and we’re sending off the first 1/3 payment on the mold. It’s a huge chunk of steel and we’re probably about 10-14 weeks out from having samples. Cutting out the steel is going to be a chore because I had no idea when I started how big this bucket is considered. But buckets are narrow and deep which making cutting them difficult.

I’ve also had to educate myself on injection molding and it’s a reason I have four 3d prints because my original design was impossible to mold. Most buckets are just straight pull molds (mine will be), the ninja is a vertical pull mold which is way more expensive but easier to machine.

I’m using a company out of the DFW area. I made a trip out last week to check them out and chat and I’ll probably be making a few more trips out there before it’s done. I also hope to have video of the first ones coming out of the mold.

For now, the only thing I’ll share is

  • designed for an 18" mop, but will accommodate a 22" or 24" no problem.
  • can hold a 36" ninja or a 10" brass
  • can hold wagtails and excelerators (with pad)
  • kind of sort of holds combo squeegees like the viceversa (those are weird)
  • the belt strap is adjustable and replaceable

And that’s about all for now. Oh and colors.

We’ll probably introduce them in stages depending on demand because there is a cost associated with colors.

  1. Black
  2. Royal Blue
  3. Florescent pink (super bright, super cool - looking at you @K1ttenpantz!) - haven’t decided on whether to add sparkles to the pink because some guys might want to do an October promotion and sparkles might not be cool
  4. Red
  5. Florescent green (looking at you @Infinity)

Probably no desert tan unless there is a big demand for it.

If someone like Fish or Men In Kilts wants a custom color, I can do that but there has to be a minimum order. We can’t do Tartan.

Depending on how we do the color changes, there might be some “mutts” that have two colors. They usually clean out the machine before running another color (Red is the worst) but I’m thinking those mutts might be sort of cool.


thats a great feature


I’m looking forward to seeing the samurai boab.

I’m happy to hear that things are coming along quickly Jared!

Don’t forget to add the other great Youtuber SteveO @Rich7428 !


If you publish a picture of your prototype on here, then EU design right is automatic. Also send a picture and drawing to your attorney. So…let’s see how it looks. You have to do a tartan one for Trad-Man. He may then buy two for his dad and Trad-Girl.


It’s also replaceable in case you want a strap with flames.

We’ll figure the tartan out later. But then different clans will get upset that I used the MacKay tartan instead of the Gunn tartan and then I’ve pissed off an entire country of angry Scotts.

I’ve already submitted for the PCT and I’m really wanting to do The Big Reveal. =)


I like that idea

Haha my tarten is the best just do mine :wink:


Read this and you will see that formal disclosure gives you EU design right.

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Patent applications are slow and expensive. I once asked an Italian furniture company CEO why they dont bother applying for patents. His answer was interesting. ‘Manufacturers from some nations will copy us regardless so our philosophy is to keep innovating as they don’t do that. The design right protects us until our next design is released‘.


Happy for you man! I know you have worked really hard on this boab. Royal blue is my favorite color. Glad you chose that color.

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I can’t wait for the big reveal!! I’m super excited! Anything called the samurai has to be cool, I’ll put it on my belt right next to my katana.
Will it have room for a fliq pad as well as a mop?


Yeah man, sure. Just what I need, to piss off all the other clans! I’m already taking a chance at pissing off a country (Japan) by calling it the Samurai. But hey, if it kicks major butt then they should be good with it.

And hey, if I do manage to cause an international incident, we’ve got Trump in office and he don’t play. lol

Thanks for the info! Yeah patents are slow, took me like 3 years on my screen washer. The good news is that it sounds like the PCT will help push the US Patents through quicker and the PCT gives me 2.5 years to file the international patents.

But I still want to wait and have The Big Reveal. =)

Fliq pad oh yes + mop + squeegee (I think). I’ve given it thought and I think you could have two squeegees with pads, or 2 squeegees + mop or any combination depending on how you want to run it. My big thing is for the gear not to tangle.


…can hold a 24" mop and 36’ squeegee too…Is this thing a Boab or a back pack…?

It’s about the size of a ninja or pulex.

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Yup, he was already on my list!

Good luck with this Jared … hope this is a big seller :+1:


Just didn’t see his name in your original post, just didn’t want you to miss anyone.


Yeah I have a list but just forgot to add his name to my post. My bad!

Thanks! Now I just got to get all those guys who don’t use boabs to buy one!


I kinda figured that! :wink:

Hey don’t think I over looked this part of your post… :wink:

Black will work just fine!


Here’s my initial attempt at a logo. I’ve sort of focused on the Japanese Kabuto helmet from the Edo period.

What do you think? Cheesy? Cool? I’m sort of going for wicked cool since I want to have wicked cool swag.