The 'Slip/Glide' Chemical

I remember either here on or on nwcd someone said the actual name of the chemical that is the BASE in easyglide and similar products, and you could just buy that for a lot cheaper then the designer soaps and just add it to dish soap or whatever you want to use and still have the increase slip/glide…does anyone know, or remember the name of it, i want to think it starting with a P but im likely wrong…lol

Are you talking about Easy Glide by Unger? I haven’t tried it, but I hear good things.

We use it quite alot in the hotter weather as it not only helps with glide but saves on squeegee rubber & supposedly makes water wetter.

Be forwarned…adding too much defeats the purpose just like soap amount!

The MSDS for EasyGlide states that Unger’s formula is proprietary:


by the way i was just using easyglide as an example of window cleaning specific friction reducer…but this chemical that this person was posting about a while ago…this post i cant locate anywhere with the search function on the various boards…was an INGREDIENT, it didnt contain more then one thing, it WAS one thing…and apparently this person was saying that it could be used just like easyglide, etc…but you could buy it cheaply and in large quantities from chemical distributers.

im not going crazy, i swear…lol

btw i currently use dawn ultra concentrated for storefronts and find it to be pretty good, ive tried gg4 and gg3 and found them to be good for removing dust and thats about it, forget about hand/face prints and sticky stuff on the glass…which is a regular thing on storefronts, so the gg’s dont work out so great for me, although they are amazing for squeegee slip and not being so prone to let the water run or drip…

Not sure what chemical you refer too but…another thing that will work in a pinch is “Jet Dry” it to is relatively similiar to the average friction reducers available.

Does its “base” ingredient start with a “P” as Contrast had hoped?

Its probably isopropanol.