The square app

Anybody using the Square CC reader? Pro’s, con’s?

I use Square and have been very happy with it overall. It is comparably priced to other services. For pros I would say it just works, reliably.

Some possible issues:

  1. If you use Android, the Bluetooth reader doesn’t always like to stay paired properly, just stick with the dongle reader. When using it with iOS never really had this issue, so still use the Bluetooth reader.
  2. If you are in an area with wonky signal, you may not be able to process. I have had this happen very rarely (1-2 times in the last few years), and then I just write down the information and process it later (slightly higher fee).
  3. Doesn’t have proper integration with Quickbooks.

Easy to use App. Very simple interface. I use the manual credit card entry more than the swipe because typically they call in or they have recurring charges. Fees is reasonable at 2.75 %
and I believe 1/2 or 1% higher on manual entry. Money in my checking acct. the next day minus fees. No cons !!

Nope not yet. But I would like to give a try for this one. LOL!

Do you charge 2.75% more to cover fee?

I do not. It is not customary to do that and as you already know almost all businesses do not.
I always thought it was tacky when a vendor would do that to me during a transaction. Always said, if I ever accepted cards I would not. If all of the sudden all of my customers who I bill regularly decided to charge, I would raise my over all pricing to cover that margin loss.

this is my 8th year using Square. Its an integral part of our business.

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Well, there are many businesses that charge for service fee transactions. I do mostly high end residential which fees can add up; $500 job = $13.75, $1,200 job = $32.40.
As you say, if it be a popular way to pay then make an over all price change, or just tack onto those who choose that?

I like it very much, though I hardly ever need it, 2-3 times a year maybe. Simple to use.

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Just started this year. No problems. I like it so far .

@Garry I use square, though I agree I am not a big fan of the fees. What I really like is the convenience for my customers who need it, and my favorite feature is logging cards for store front as I had a few that were always a paint to collect from and it has saved me so much time that it’s worth it. I don’t charge extra, but if your area permits that or if you just really want too then I would say to try it. On houses I say I can take card, but prefer cash or check because of the service fee.

Yes, I use PayPal a few times too but all of my customers pay by check, a scant few pay in cash. The PayPal fee is 2.9% = 30¢. Just once or twice a year I get someone who asks if I take credit card.

I use square but not much , maybe 15 times a year at most . But I love their email invoice service and client can pay with a CC online , looks and feels proffecial that way . No need to wait for check in the mail . Love that feature

That is the same as with PayPal.

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