The Super Soaker;...Get One Now

Tell me what you think. These are easy to make. And Wiljer will make the 55 inch sleeve. It is a beautiful fluffy white sleeve by the way. I have been working with Richie for 30 years now. He has always helped me with my “unusual” ideas.



I like it no question, but it seems like the time it takes to wet that massive wand could be used for mopping the window with say an 18 inch mop don’t you think? I see it being very useful if you are using it on a minimum of at least 10 windows.


Precisely correct. I am going to improve the speed of wetting the wand. Then compare the time it takes to wet the window with a 22 in seconds. Adding in the time to wet the wand of course. Cuz a 22 takes almost no time to wet. Also I agree. Unless we have a dealership it would not be that practical. I created this mostly for the fun of it. As a diversion. As if I needed another diversion.

Will be doing a video on this also.