The trend of casement windows

Personally I love these type of windows for our profession.

I’m in the midwest and it seems they’re somewhat common in newer suburbs.

My question is : Will these types windows eventually become ‘standard’ in newer homes?

I see more of it this last year. I suspect it is to ensure screens are only taken out from the inside to prevent bending of the screens, proper re-installation so that they do not come off. The versions I have seen are easy to work with, you just have to go inside first or notify customer they must remove screens prior to service appointment.
Around here about 75% of my clients have me leave the screens off when done. Most people like the clear look and I find most clients rarely open windows (as evident by the build up on the tracks which is obvious they have not opened that window in years).

Screens on the inside, or screens that remove from the inside and are exposed to the outside - which do you mean?

Screens on the inside last longer because they are not externally exposed to the elements and only come into play when the windows are opened, other than regular house dust.

Screens on the outside that remove from the inside require access to the inside to remove and reinstall, but get full exposure to the elements whether the window is opened or not.

Assuming you mean a double hung window with a tilt-in screen in which you would need to remove to access the exterior lower sash of the window?
In my experience, most those windows are double hung so you can slide the top one down and tilt in to clean the outside from the inside. If the screen had exterior clips or a leaf spring keeping it in the frame, it would be impossible/very difficult to remove without a ladder.
I have run across some single hung units, where the top is stationary yet the screen still tilts in. I guess the manufacturers expect the HO to lean out to clean?

Double hungs = outside screens

Casements = inside screens


The ones I have seen are outside screens but have a wider lip around the edge that their is no way to remove from the outside. You open the window like any other double hung and remove the screen from the inside. Next one I see, I’ll take a picture to post.

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That’s the type in my neighborhood. I did exterior only for one house and had the owners remove them. They did not have issue with that.

Thank you! Sorry everyone I jumbled the question up.
Hopefully the new wording helps