The WCRA Effect

This chart is based off my real annual gross sales numbers since i started my business, rounded to the nearest hundreds. The full figures are cropped out, but you get the idea. I know “gross is for show, profit’s for dough” but the profit line looks similar, trust me. just too lazy to add another data set to the chart, and it’s mostly for demonstration purposes anyway.

The data speaks for itself. And I’ll tell you this: i’ve learned[I] a little[/I] i didn’t know about the trade since i came here to wcr. i’ve learned a [I]CRAP TON[/I] about business building, sales, marketing and hiring since i came here.

before, i was a blind man wandering in a dark cave when it came to the business of running a business. i was simply a tradesman. now i feel like i can actually see clearly and navigate my business with purpose and direction. and i’m starting to feel like a businessman.

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced what i call [B]“The WCRA Effect”?[/B]

Before WCR:

1-3% of sales spent on marketing
Hourly pay.
Shitty marketing pieces.

The boys know I appreciate them and made it a goal to grow enough to give their children the opportunity to go to Harvard or Europe when the time comes.

What would you say were the biggest contributing factors to the steep $ increases the last 3 years? i.e. doubling prices etc

I know exactly what you mean Caleb. For me it was very similar…once the light bulb goes off in your head your business the thing takes off like a rocket ship.

I was a very early member of the WCRA too.

Thank you Chris L

…“CRAP TON”…is that somewhere between a long ton and a short ton?



I love this :slight_smile:

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I was very fortunate to find wcr before I started in summer 2013 . First 9 month where tuff , but after that it’s been pretty good .

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It took us our first 4 years to build a 6 figure+ business. Joined the WCRA in 2012, started using the marketing regularly in 2013. We have doubled our sales and operation. The marketing is awesome…also the confidence and support that the WCRA community gives is just as valuable.

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