The white water marks that don't come off

Rookie question I know. But those white marks that are on the window that won’t come off with soap and water, what is the best way to clean those?

Unger Rub out

Where can I get that, if just online is there anything at Home Depot that will work?

Search for hard water - you will want to start with a mild solution (acids can burn windows). Unger rubout, as mentioned, is very good. Get that and a white pad

Hard water stains are a subject all to themselves. There are different types. They are mineral or metal deposits present in tap water, rain and sprinklers.

You are dealing with a chemical bond to the glass, which requires both a chemical and abrasive to remove.

At present, it seems as though the only way to deal is to buy multiple products of different strengths and test from least powerful to most.

Questions to consider -
How long have they been there?
How much direct sunlight to they get? What time of day? The intense sun will worsen the situation.
What kind of glass is it - tempered, annealed, tinted?
How will you prevent it from reoccurring?

These questions require hours of research to answer properly. So, I’d encourage you to keep educating yourself. There is plenty of info here on the subject, so just keep digging.


Best advice given so far. ^^^^


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