The word "Christmas" in advertising

[COLOR=Blue]I use it and send all my customers, cards wishing them a “very merry Christmas!”

Check out this cool take on Christmas advertising.[/COLOR]

// Tossmas - Stoplight with Stuart Shepard - YouTube

I don’t wait until the “holiday” season to toss all that crap in the recycling container.

Funny video! I personally liked the feliz navi-toss:D

In Murray, KY wishing your customers a merry Christmas…Not surprising. I don’t see the problem with using the word Holiday when sending cards to customers. Especially when Thanksgiving, New Years, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali, Tet and maybe more Holiday’s all fall around this time of year. If I were to send out “Holiday” cards (which I don’t) I would want to include all of my customers, not just my Christian ones.

Was there a point to your statement? Are you against wishing well to other religions?

My cards for my customers say ‘Happy Holidays’. I live in the most multi-cultural city in Canada. I’m not worried about offending anyone, I just think it sounds dumb to wish someone a Happy/Merry whatever religious day when you know they probably aren’t of that faith. If someone sent me a Hanukkah card or some other happy religion day card besides Christmas I’d be perplexed.

[COLOR=Blue]Good question Seth, I am not against wishing anyone well at any time of the year. I am just perplexed as to why in the last few years, it is Christmas that seems to be the unacceptable celebration.

Let’s face it, other faiths may celebrate a “holiday” around this time of year but most everything you see is about Christmas.

There are no [/COLOR][SIZE=-1][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=-1]Hanukkah trees, no [/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Blue]Kwanzaa lights, no Thanksgiving presents, etc… Even though many other festivals are celebrated this “time of year,” the day that most everyone in America takes off work to “celebrate” is Dec 25th, otherwise known as Christmas.

I am simply against the political correctness that tries to make people feel insensitive if they wish someone a Merry Christmas!

P.S. living in Kentucky has nothing to do with it. I am originally from New Mexico. A very liberal and politically correct thinking place and still would wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!