The worlds biggest squeegee

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If anyone wants this giant squeegee, and will actually film a video of it in use… Let me know and well ship it out to you… Oh you would have to cover the shipping to…

But you could have it for free… If you will video it in use.

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LOL thats great! It would need some serious bracing on the ends to put enough even pressure to actually make it work. LMFAO

Send it my way. I will make an awesome video for you!

I hope you do! What 3 guys using 1 sqeegee?

Send it on tour around the world from one window cleaner to another. Have them make a video at each stop. If they are driving distance from each other they won’t need to ship it.

I might be able to just pick it up tomorrow PM on the way home from a field trip. But if Brett really wants it, no biggie. I’ll call you tomorrow to see what the deal is.

It’s not for me. I don’t want to hire any help to use it.

Does it come with a rubber?

Did I here 1 of 3? I have the perfect job for it. If there is more of them in the mix I would defiantly pay to ship that baby to my place!

that’s an awesome idea. we could all show a video on how we would incorporated into the line up. I think you could best use it on first floor large single pane glass. Use two handles and two hands and one sideways pull across the glass. You could find a job that has the right size windows and cut it to fit perfectly so all you would have to do is one swipe to squeegee the glass.

Hey Chris, why not use it to do a big TV news promotion on your company. you could use it on some big building downtown. Set up kind of like a ribbon cutting ceremony but for the first window cleaned with the worlds largest squeegee. Get Guinness in on it. You could get a local news reporter to do a story on it and promote your company on the nightly news. I’ve seen other window cleaners promote there companies with a much less exciting story.

Send it to me if all else fails. I’ll pay for shipping!

Would it be against the rules if I used it as a doorstopper/giant paper weight? I promise to make an exciting vid about it!

We made one of these a few years ago and now it sits atop Mr. Hunters mantle.

Last winter we had 3 more made. 1 was lost by a shipping company on its way to the IWCA show and the other 2 are here collecting dust.

I think a video tour is needed for this giant piece of metal.

We can’t get rubber for it though because… well… we can’t get $0rb0 rubber.

If anyone is seriously interested in taking and filming them shoot me an email. This could be fun!!

8’ of Spite Across America

I can get Sorbo rubber!

Whats that?

I want to take one of the 2 for the warehouse. The other ones good to go…

Dan if you wanna come take by all means - But I guess we should confirm shipping with Brett as he was first.

I’m in Allentown now. Is it available still to pick up or is Brett getting it?

Got it! Thanks. I’ll see what I can do for a video.

I have rubber for it, if the new owner needs one :slight_smile:

I have a 4 footer for a wall of glass that has no side panes/dividers.
So I have a couple 50 foot rolls.

Technically, it wouldn’t be cheating on WCR, since it was purchased before I knew that Sorrybo was such an a$$hole.

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