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Now Dan…maybe it’s his first day…

A two foot step ladder and 10 seconds…compared to whatever that was LOL

Ya, I think it just looks like he has never been trained by a pro and is just figuring out stuff on his own. Having said that, why would you film it???

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You don’t wipe your squeegee on the bottom of your jeans?


Poor guy

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LOL…well in a pinch, all bets are off LOL.

He really tossed that wand cover, with authority!!!

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I probly looked like this mans deranged little brother the first time I cleaned glass. Kudos for effort, but NEVER post this stuff to society!

Confession time:

I used to do that. Like, when I was 17, just starting out. No one really showed me how to clean windows when I started. I got about a 5 minute crash course from a janitor friend who will remain nameless. Dial up internet at home, so no YouTube to learn from :man_shrugging:

(And I actually have a weird holdover habit from that: I tuck half of a folded bath towel into my waistband and under my workbelt, on my boab side. Keeps the odd splash from getting on my leg, and gives me a spot to wipe my squeegee if I have a rare straight pull to do while the other hand is busy.)

But I think I always knew better than to just drop my scrubber on the ground :grimacing:

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My heart hurts after watching that.

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