These scratches were in between the panes

I have seen fingerprints before in between panes only a couple of times. I am sure it was just a rare thing.

Anytime I have seen that, there is a busted seal.

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I should go through my pictures of weirdness. I have seen finger prints as well and used to say, how? Dead bugs, different types of scratches, some I understand, some make no sense at all!

I love window cleaning, such a journey!!!

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I’ve seen fingerprints and even whole hand print before as well but usually you can’t see them until the seal is blown. I don’t know if this seal is blown or not but these look like tempered glass razor blade scratches except that they are on the inside of the outside pane.

my favorite marks are from the suction cups they use too move the glass around. really messed with me at first

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