Thinking of incorporating

Hey guys,

I really appreciate all the wisdom you experienced fellow window cleaners contribute to the forum so I’d like to ask what are the advantages of incorporating vs partnership?

I recommend doing Youtube searches for S-Corp. You will find better explamations than I can type into my phone.

You should have a good tax consultant working for you that knows small business. If you don’t now, then that should go at the top of your TO-DO-LIST.

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Do both ! It’s not an either / or proposition. My power washing service is an LLC Partnership.
My Window Cleaning Business - I am the sole owner.
Consult with a knowledgeable small business CPA.

Depends on how much you’re making. At a certain income level DBA vs S-Corp is almost irrelevant in terms of taxes. Now the protections you get with an LLC or an S-Corp are worth it alone in my opinion, just the nature of our business.

More paperwork to file as an S-Corp but that should not stop you…The business can then build it’s own line of credit and separate your liability.